Book "Effective Design of Your Website"

Book "Effective Design of Your Website"

This book will help you better set tasks for performers, and most importantly - you will understand how to monitor and evaluate the results of their work.
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2022-07-20

Marketers and business owners

Will your site be of interest to customers? What will they feel when they come to you? How to explain to the designer what you need on the site? In this brochure, we made an extract from our experience and spoke in simple language about how an effective website design actually turns out. 

Table of Contents


  • Why do I need a website? Let's start with the main
  • Wrapped soother. How not to become "one of many" on the Internet? 
  • What happens to the Internet. Information noise and govnosites
  • Brief and packaging. How to fill the site with meaning
  • Creative

  • Based on the content. Content is more important than creative
  • Creative is free. A couple of simple tricks
  • Distributed copy-paste method. Step-by-step instructions on how to make a project unique and high-quality
  • Levels of associations. Three levels at which you can establish a connection with a site visitor
  • Psychology: an adjustment method. What to do when you cook for a long time in a problem
  • Psychology: adjustment method. Externally-oriented trance
  • Nano-Hero-Cat. One funny story about the thoughtless use of creativity
  • Marketing

  • Talk to me! My general approach to sites and marketing
  • The principle of the mirror. How to fall in love with a client
  • Three types of people. Tips from psychophysiology
  • Emotional and logical thinking How not to lose those you don't understand
  • Prostitute pages. One funny story about the thoughtless use of creativity
  • Prototypes

  • Two main ways. Drawing on paper against computer programs
  • The method of successive approximations. Step-by-step program for creating a good prototype
  • Formula for creating a prototype. The recipe for a website with a meaning
  • Semantic connection. Rule for the arrangement of semantic blocks
  • Testing the prototype. A verification method that directly affects money
  • Grid

  • Why you need and which one to choose. One funny story about the thoughtless use of creativity
  • Going beyond the boundaries of the columns. And because of this, many designers are offended in vain! 
  • The rule of density. For example, the difference between information sites and landing pages
  • Grid and mood. A tip on how to influence the visitor's experience from the site
  • Responsive Grid for Bootstrap. Responsive Website Technical Issues
  • Formula for the grid. Technical information for the designer
  • Method: if the grid fails. What to do if the site is made on a grid, but looks bad
  • Composition

  • The principle of generalized contrast. Fundamental composition rule
  • Verification method. How to understand if the site's composition is good? 
  • Personal space
  • Color scheme

  • Mood and color. What emotions evoke the colors used in the design
  • Graphic rhyme. Color link between site elements
  • Color coding. Solution for complex sites
  • Font solution
  • Graphic rhyme

  • A simple rule on how to make a site stylish
  • The mood from antiqua and grotesque

    Style solution

  • What is style: a foundation that many do not know
  • Graphics

  • Why is it needed. Three tasks that images solve on the site
  • Are you adequate at all? About the importance of common sense
  • Icons: Six reasons to use them. With examples of how to apply them
  • Again about the levels of association. How not to spoil the style with icons and make the site more stylish
  • Patterns. What is it and why
  • Buttons: why you need to draw them manually. Buttons as the most important element of website design
  • Complex cases

  • A lot of text. What to do if all the information on the site is textual
  • Sites of state organizations. Features of the sites of government agencies and their causes
  • Consolidated article: graphic rhyme. The fundamental rule of stylish design
  • Terms of reference for the development of the site. About why TK is so important and about two harmful extremes
  • About web studios. Six mistakes customers make when choosing a contractor