How to increase site conversion

How to increase site conversion

6 universal ways to increase website conversion or landing
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2025-07-20

Of course, the modern site design is very important, but do not forget what your site is really designed for: in order to turn traffic into applications ( in the form of leads from lead forms, phone calls, visits to the office) and for subsequent sales. Without this, your site will not generate revenue for the business. Naturally, the more conversions, the greater the profit. 

Here are six great tips to help you increase your conversion rate. 

1 . Use responsive design. 

According to a study conducted by ComScore , on average 31% of all traffic comes from mobile devices. This is a very substantial percentage, and it will continue to grow. If your site is not suitable for use on smartphones and tablets, this is a direct loss of money. 

Responsive Web Design (RWD) adapts to any screen - desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets - so that all important pages, features, and elements are accessible no matter what devices the user views site. If there is no such design, will you sit on a similar site and try to enlarge the screen with your fingers or move it sideways to read something or find a button? Of course not. And your customers won't either. 

2. Simple design without any noise

Many years ago, there was a lot of animation and flash in fashion - these were the trends in web design. Today, clean and simple design with flat elements is popular. Previously, companies went wild, trying to surprise visitors with unusual details, and today's consumers appreciate beautiful, clean minimalism. 

Impress your visitors with the content and substance of your offers. You should not bombard them with unnecessary animations and “cool features”: it not only annoys people, but also slows down the loading time of the site. 

3. Without stock photos

In fact, stock photos are great in some cases, for example, for blog posts). Nevertheless, using them on the site to talk about your company is extremely harmful. 

When a client sees a site that uses fake (and possibly already familiar) photos in blocks that are activities of the company and employees, trust disappears. If you want to show your team, hire a professional photographer and book a studio - it's not that expensive. 

People will not trust a company that is trying to convince in their experience and professionalism using stock photos. 

4. Easy navigation

When visitors get to your site, they should easily find what they are looking for in two seconds. If they have to search longer, they will be upset and will find another site. 

Make navigation as easy as possible. Having too many options will confuse visitors. There should be a clear path to any important element on the site, whether it is an application form or a specific page on the site. 

5. Simplify the connection with you

Although the phone number on the site is almost always needed, many now prefer to contact the company through the messenger, especially when it comes to the service sector. People do not want to be called and "sold" - they just need information. Make potential customers contact you. 

6. Let social networks do not interfere

When social networks were a curiosity, everyone posted links to them and put widgets. Now people already know how to find you on social networks, if necessary. The thoughtless protrusion of Fb and Vkontakte on the site simply distracts attention from the goals and reduces the conversion. 

Place the social network icons in the footer or on the side and put links to your profiles - if a person wants to, he will look at them. To increase the conversion, visitors need to study the content of the site and perform targeted actions, and not read the Instagram feed built-in through the widget. 

An exception may be the case when you have very well-developed social networks, so that their placement on the site will provide powerful social proof of the company high reputation. 

In most cases, these six simple tips will help to significantly increase the conversion of a site or landing page. Well, if everything is all right with the indicated questions, you need to conduct a detailed audit using analytics and identify more complex methods. 

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