Transfer work to customer

Transfer work to customer

Transfer work to the customer. Web Designer Knowledge Base
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2023-09-20

"Packaging business." This term has become popular due to the hated by many "Business Youth". I know that BM is like a sect, but the meaning of “packaging" is correct. 

In short, it all comes down to a simple outline. Rather, your customer needs it, but it will be useful to you as well. So, before doing website design or some other information project:
1. The customer needs to think that he can tell people about his project
2 . Let him delete the memorized, vulgar phrases that wander from one site to another
3. Then let him highlight what is really important, what distinguishes his project, exactly his approach to business
4. Next, you need to put give it to the site visitor beautifully, clearly, intelligibly (yes, this is where the designer is needed!)

If you come across a client who stubbornly rejects there is a similar approach - there's nothing to be done. But in all other cases, you and I must make every effort to ensure that the result of the work is of high quality. And you need to do this before the start of the project itself! 

There are few ways, and it all boils down to extracting as much information from the client as possible. They love it! And vice versa, if a designer is ready to take on any project without really understanding what is happening, this definitely inspires suspicion. 

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«We coordinated the design for a long time with the central office in the USA, but as a result, everything was accepted. It is good that our contractors did their best at the photo shoot and at the design stage! »
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«The Illumina agency was fabulous, highly professional partners. Their work led to a strong inbound leads flow via the PPC and other sources. Now my ads are completely controllable and I enable it once looking for new students »
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