How to copy protected text from a site

How to copy protected text from a site

We hope that even though you thought about copying protected text from the site, you have good intentions :)
Arthur PHP developer

Printed 2009-03-20

We hope that even if you thought about copying protected text from the site, you have good intentions :)

Some sites have code that does not allow you to copy text using the standard procedure (select him and press Ctrl + C or the right mouse button). 

What are some ways to get around this ban if the text is really needed? 

Yandex or another search engine

Most likely, you have an extension in your browser that allows you to search for text in Yandex or Google by simply selecting it with the mouse and pressing the right button (in the window that opens, there will be an item like “Find .... in Yandex”). 

Then the solution to our problem is simple: select the text you need and click the "Find" button. In the search engine that opens, simply copy the text from the input field (it will appear there automatically). 

The disadvantage of this method is that the length of the search query is limited (in the case of Yandex it is 400 textacters). Therefore, the method is suitable only for small amounts of text. 

Page Code

In any browser other than Safari, you can view the source code of the page. For example, in Chrome, you need to press Ctrl + U or select the appropriate item by right-clicking anywhere on the page. 

The source code opens; there will be many textacters related to the software part of the site, there will be the text you need. It remains to find it in the code, copy it (there is no protection there already) and clear the tags of the form

that may be there. 

In general, there is no great difficulty in copying protected text from a site. The ban complicates the process, but nothing is impossible :)

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