What should be the organization's website?

What should be the organization's website?

In this article, we will consider the structure of a typical organization site and discuss how it should be and how much
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Printed 2023-06-20

In this article, we'll look at the structure of a typical organization's site and discuss what it should be and why. The material was written based on our experience working with clients who contacted the studio to order a turnkey website for their company. 


At the top of the site must have a logo (only without gigantism). It is better that he was in the usual place: on the left or in the center. 

Also, the header is the right place to place a short descriptor if it is not in the logo (this is a description of the essence of the company activities in a few words). 

On the right side of the header, you should allocate space for contacts. Do not write down all your phone numbers in a row, it is perceived archaic. Just one number, an e-mail and / or links to social networks, a callback button. 

Also in the header is often placed a search bar and (for B2B trading companies) a link to a price or presentation. 

Promo block

A block with a description of the best offer or current promotion is usually placed under the header and menu. In this block, the main thing is to remember to put CTA (call to action) in the form of a clearly visible button. This increases the conversion of the site (sometimes at times!). 

About the company

A small presentation part. This can be a video with a text block, a few words from the founder of the company, or several highlighted benefits. 

The dynamic part

To improve the position in the SEO-output, it is useful that the materials on the site are regularly updated. To do this, announcements of the latest news and articles are placed on the main page. 


At the bottom of the site there is a duplicate menu (or an extended menu with subsections), legal information and contact details. This is done for those users who have scrolled the site to the end. 

Of course, this example is not for everyone. But it gives a general idea of __what the organization's site should be like to be good for it. 

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