Does a small business need a website?

Does a small business need a website?

A successful company can only be built with high technology. True
Nick Head of Sales

Printed 2001-11-20

Since everyone is crazy about virtual and augmented reality, playing with "experimental content" and introducing digital technologies, one would think that a successful company can only be built using high technology. 

The digital revolution has opened up previously incredible opportunities for marketers, but many companies run the risk of losing some of their core marketing elements in pursuit of new technologies. 

Dinosaur sites

Most of any large companies have their own site for many years or even decades. And often this site "hangs" on the Internet in its original form since the long time ago when the director decided to order a turnkey site . Hanging without development and updates. A site is both a showcase and a business card of an organization and, as a rule, one of the first points of contact for a new client. But would you yourself go to a company website just to see outdated information and an inactive typo blog? And this situation is constantly observed, even with eminent brands. 

Problem with business packaging

Depending on the particular company, a website can serve different purposes. But the most fundamental of them is the creation of a communication tool. The site should clearly articulate what exactly you are doing, for which you textge money and what are the principles of your company. Many organizations seem to be speechless, and the ability to present themselves when it comes to their sites. They are presented on the Internet by boring or outdated sites, although in reality they have a lot of busy, enthusiastic people working in their office. The contrast is very sharp. 

Marketing without foundation

So why do so many companies neglect this basic marketing tool? The answer often comes down to time, money, and the need for regular updates. Investing in website redesign and updating does not seem to be a very good and not very “quick” idea, especially when there are seemingly more interesting and modern technologies with which you can experiment. For example, some companies try to invest in various virtual reality concepts themselves, but at the same time weaken their brand, neglecting the basic blocks of their marketing strategy. 

Does the site need a small business? Definitely yes! Look at your site, compare it with your competitors. Is he really good enough against their background? Does its functionality comply with 2020 standards? Is it enough to adequately represent the company? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then it's time to go back to the basics and make sure that your marketing is not left without a foundation. 

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