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Quiz-landing, or landing page in a survey format - one of the trends in 2019-2020 in Internet marketing.
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Printed 2022-09-20

Quiz landing, or landing page in a survey format - one of the trends of 2018-2019 in Internet marketing. 

The standard "landos" with a description of the advantages, benefits and the block "how we work" are all specifically fed up: both developers, and - especially - the users themselves. 

At first, ultra-simplified single screens came into fashion, where there was only an application form, a couple of product abstracts and a short video. 

Then the trend has moved to a different format. The user does not always want to immediately leave his contacts, this is a very stressful action: after all, you will write and name him later, you want to try and sell from him. And then get rid of you! 

Therefore, instead of convincing him of his “goodness” and coolness, on quiz-landing the user is involved in a small game. 

It usually begins with a proposal to answer several questions in order to “pick up a product”, “make a better offer” and so on. 


Next, the user answers a series of questions in turn. It is important that each time he makes a simple choice, and there is no stress in clicking "next": on the contrary, there is love and (sometimes) a desire to get some free carrot promised by the authors of the quiz for free . 

In the end, two things happen. Firstly, the user is involved in the process, and when it comes to the final slide with the request for contacts (and you thought, of course, everything was done for this), he is already more loyal. In fact, I've already spent so much time on your stupid quiz, to hell with you, I'll leave contacts, can you suggest something worthwhile ...

Secondly, the questions themselves can be organized in such a way that they will prompt the user to either decision. It can be obvious, or maybe not, in the spirit of “have you already bought a premium cat litter, or are you using not very high quality yet?” 


There are at least four things to do with the effect of Quiz Landing:

  • 1. Conversion is increased due to the fact that the user gets to the conversion form through a series of warming questions with game mechanics
  • 2. Lead qualifications are being improved: each is initially known to be noticeably more than just a name and phone
  • 3. Increased visitor engagement on the site (good for SEO)
  • 4. The negative point: those who left the application will know little about your company and your offer. They passed the test, but did not study the essence. 

Potential customers do not want to indicate their city, street, last name, pet name and 25 other facts to get a free bun. Better in short: provide a name, email address and telephone. If you are currently using a captcha check, you can try disabling it for a while to see if this affects the conversion

In most cases, these three pluses outweigh the minus, and quiz landing (if used correctly) can give a good boost to your internet marketing. If you are thinking order a turnkey website , be sure to include such a block or page in your project! 

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