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Printed 2019-04-20
TK on website design Objective: to develop a website - a showcase of a company engaged in the sale of expensive, branded wedding rings from European manufacturers. What you need to do: • logo • main page • catalog • product page • order page (modified version of the basket) • “about the company” page • design of internal (how many?) Pages • feedback form • details (buttons , check boxes, dialog boxes windows, etc.) • Business card, letterhead. Design requirements: you need a website with pages with a clearly legible logo identifying the company and primary contact information, with a noticeable presentation of the logos of the brands represented, with emphasized belonging of the product to European and Western manufacturers. The pages should be concise and filled only with the necessary information at the moment. Do not clog the catalog and product pages with secondary information for which separate information pages are provided. We need a high-quality study of small details - sliders, frames, checkboxes, dialog and drop-down windows, etc. Design elements on the site should be stylish, discreet and non-banal, emphasizing the quality level of a representative of reputable brands. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of a rubber layout. A design solution is expected that will attract the eye, be remembered, and stand out from the competition. Design wish: rational, minimalist white design, emphasizing the “noble” European origin of the goods with high-quality, well-developed details. Stylish, well thought out. The color scheme is as follows: the main color is white, the details are gray, platinum, gloss or mat. Plus a maximum of one color for allotments. This is possibly a variation of gold / yellow, as it is jewelry. I also want to see something that creates a festive, wedding mood for the buyer and is a memorable design feature. Logo Perhaps a text solution, without a graphic element. Necessarily easy to read. Presumably monochrome. There is no slogan for the logo yet, if there are offers, please offer. Home page In the header there is a logo, a telephone with an operating mode, a text entry form for searching the site, a top horizontal menu (5-8 buttons), while there are the following: 1. Wedding rings * 2. Advanced search * 3. About Us 4. Delivery and Payment 5. Contacts * The buttons Wedding rings and Advanced Search have a drop-down menu. An example for the button "Wedding rings" here, you must click on the button "Trauringe". The number of points is about the same. Advanced Search - has 8 positions for filtering: 1. Manufacturer 2. Collection 3. Material 4. Sample 5. Color 6. Width 7. Inserts 8. Price The main page should contain well-read logos of the brands we sell. IMPORTANT !! Now there are 3 brands, but in the future it will be up to 10-12. It is necessary to provide for how they get on the main page. It is also necessary to provide 1-2 places for banners to display current offers. Banners do not have to be constantly present on the page. We need options for their temporary placement. Catalog: 4 items should be presented in the product catalog. in a row. The design of one product is similar / similar to the example: It is possible to consider options with horizontal or vertical scrolling. There should be a quick filter by parameters. Product page: Proposal: based on the ratio of mass / size of the blocks, follow the example: The page will contain: an image of a pair of rings (large , without further enlargement), at the bottom there is a scroll bar with thumbnail rings from this collection. Also: manufacturer's logo, article, price for a pair (2 prices), information about the rings: width, fineness, diamonds. Next: a field for displaying information on manufacturing options with prices (the client may choose, it may be necessary to use a radio b.) And another “Place an order” button, with information text next to it. Sites of manufacturers: you do not need to look at the main page, here we are interested in the product page. The location and mass ratio of details on the page - this corresponds to our ideas. here, when you hover over the horizontal menu item “Trauringe”, a drop-down menu appears. Similar, with about the same number of points, we need. the design of rings in the catalog (picture, text below it) can be used as a sample. It's also a good idea to design filters (immediately above the catalog),3,0,3.html http: // www.christianbauer .de / GALLERY-DETAIL / Kollektionen / Trauringe, 3,0,3,1.html Here you can see everywhere. A hat that does not stand out in color is a good option. I like the font here, and the logo feed (monochrome) engraving page

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«The locations are drawn exactly as needed, I have no comments at all! »
Ekaterina Ryazanova (Special Project Manager (SUP Media)).
«The second iteration was much better. The issues uncovered after the first design sprint were completely sorted out, so basically I'm pretty satisfied with the website development process »
Eduard Gafarov (Founder and director of the weapons company EdGun). The thing was to accompany the huge spare parts catalogue with selected premium goods and develop a solid website