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Printed 2020-04-20
TASK Objective: to develop a unique and adaptive web design for the site of the premium class beauty center. Scope of work: 1. Design concept - 1 pc. - Design of the main page - 1 pc. - Design of the inner page - 1 pc. - Drawing of all forms and elements of the design concept, including favicon 2. Splash screen saver - 1 pc. 3. Development of elements for seasonal branding (summer, winter, spring, autumn) - 4 pcs. 4. New Year branding (logo, hat, thematic background) - 1 pc. 5. Examples of adaptability by the size of the tablet and smartphone. Deliver the result: files in a PSD with a logical and understandable layer-by-layer structure (neat look, in the file all layers must be signed and arranged in appropriate folders) Deadline for the entire work: 15 calendar days (excluding the time for approval) Cost: as agreed, phased payment, 25% prepayment for the main page, Yandex Money. Stages and deadlines for execution of works No. Name of works Number of deadlines for execution Cost, rub. 1 STAGE - design 1 Design of the main page (1280 px) After coordination, all other work is performed 1 unit 4 days 2 Design of the internal page 1 unit 1 day 3 Splash screen saver (with the entry form) 1 unit 2 days 4 Favicon 1 unit 2 STAGE - branding 5 New Year's branding 1 pc 2 days 6 Seasonal branding 4 pc 2 days 3 STAGE - adaptability 7 Format for tablets (600x800 px) 1 unit 2 days 8 Format for smartphones (480x800 px) 1 unit 2 days DESCRIPTION About the project. beauty and health enterprises of the Premium class, which provides a range of image services for a beauty salon, including aesthetic cosmetology with innovative and high-tech methods of rejuvenation and anti-aging. Target audience of the project: Male / female, 25-60 years old, solvent audience, income above average and high. Residents of megacities. Successful and successful women and men, managers of various levels, business owners, investors, politicians, creative elite, active and educated housewives. Title: "Elysion" - the world of bliss, the abode of the elect, where outstanding heroes and favorites of the gods fall. The name is fancy. The service mark is registered. The office of the center is located in an elite center on 2 tiers, next to the Tretyakov Gallery. Uniqueness. A unique design concept is being developed for the main page and all internal pages and forms using the logo and taking into account the corporate corporate identity described in the Brand Book. Design style: conciseness, minimalism, monochrome (black, gray, gold, purple). High Fashion Style - Chanel. The basis of web design should be a simple color scheme of the solution. See a test collection of templates whose style is like Adaptability. The goal of adaptive design is to develop a universal design that would allow you to view and interact with the resource from various devices (tablets, mobile, stationary computers). Sizes of browsers: 1. stationary computers (1280x800 px) 2. tablets (600x800 px) with a coup 3. smartphones (480x800 px) with a coup Branding - seasonal. As part of the design concept, elements for seasonal branding (summer, winter, spring, autumn) are being developed - 4 pcs. Elements must be independent and freely replaceable. The basic elements should be done in a static format for easy page loading, but with the prospect of a dynamic solution (minimal animation). Branding - New Year. As part of the design concept, elements of holiday branding for the New Year are being developed. May be involved - logo, hat, thematic background. Splash screensaver. As part of the design concept, a static image page of the site is being developed based on the design of the main page, with an online form for the preliminary collection of user contacts. APPENDICES 1. Logo ELYSION .cdr 2. Brand Book Elysion (presentation) - (full version of the brand book at the request of the performer) 3. The prototype of the main page - 4. The prototype of the internal page (attached separately ) 5. Website structure (see below) Website structure 1. Home page 2. About the center 1.1. Our news 1.2. Video 1.3. Photo Gallery - Interior - Our work 1.4. Jobs 3. Services 3.1. Cosmetology - Nursing - Injection - Hardware - Laser 3.2. Hairdressing salon - Coloring - Haircut - Treatment - Lamination - Extensions 3.3. Nail service - Manicure - SPA care - SHELLAC - Pedicure 3.4. SPA 3.5. Correction of a figure 3.6. Massage 3.7. Makeup 3.8. For men - Haircut - Beard - Mustache - Cosmetology 4. Complex programs 1.1. Face 1.2. Body 1.3. Hands 1.4. Legs 5. Consultations of specialists 5.1. Trichologist 5.2. Nutritionist 5.3. The psychologist 5.4. Stylist 6. Prices 7. Reviews 8. Specialists 9. Boutique 10. Promotions 10.1. Bonus Cards 10.2. Gift 10.3. Subscriptions 11. Articles 11.1. Brands 11.2. Equipment 11.3. Technologies 11.4. Fashion trends 11.5. Problems 11.6. Tips

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