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Printed 2001-05-20
Description of the site. The slogan of the association is "The legal move." The main values __are the legal course of action, the mink loophole in the law, the counterweight to the "thieves' move", the natural course of turn-based game play, a competent answer to someone else's move. The association has 9 members. There are many pictures of each of the participants on a chromakey background. For them, you can draw or model backgrounds. All articles on the authorship website are members of the association, 3-4 people are assigned to each article, according to the number of subheadings. Next to the paragraph is a photo of an expert author with a link to his page. Each has a page on a subdomain of the main site of the form On each page, respectively, a list of expert articles in which he participates. Everyone has accounts on facebook, vkontakte, linkedin, classmates, instagram. All this is included by links in the personalization block on the main page. Each lawyer of the association offers its services on the issue on which he speaks out. He offers his own cost of doing business, this cost ranges from 30,000 rubles to 400,000. The price goes up according to this scheme: the cost of the services of each next participant includes the services of the previous one, since the more experienced one connects and manages the others. For 400,000, everyone works, including outdoor surveillance experts, etc. The calculation of the value of the case in each case is not provided, it is understood that it is determined by the prices for one-time services provided on the website. For legal entities there is also a subscription outsourcing legal service when the association solves all possible legal issues at a fixed price depending on the size of the enterprise. Each lawyer offers to contact him in any way. In general, all lawyers can contact the visitor using all means of communication - the phone and the main talkers and instant messengers. There are two calls to action on the site: to contact a lawyer for a conversation and fill out a legal document using the ready-made form. The claims page contains forms filled out by the visitor. The finished document is sent to the visitor by mail, his personal account is registered on the site. The site has a payment system. The design is modular, adaptive, well reproduced on mobile devices. The effects of parallax, guidance, binding to the cursor, etc. are used to engage the visitor in the action and wind up the site behavioral factor. Conceptually, unusualness can be associated with the fact that lawyers are not so simple, there are unusual moves. Perhaps there is a way to cite other pages on pages without duplicating content using pop-up windows when scrolling. Or you can break the content into numerous small elements that are mutually referencing each other the size of one screen and walk one page, from the point of view of robots, using navigation. Main page On the main page there are 20 announcement blocks that can be decorated with pictures of nine participants cut out by chromakey on prepared backgrounds. Link blocks: 1. Services to individuals: graphic menus, slide shows, etc. 2. Services to legal entities: graphic menus, slide shows, etc. 3. Lawyers in Strogino 4. Samples of lawsuits and contracts 5. Legal services of JA "Karachenkov and partners" (now Legal services of professionals) 6. Prices: block graphic menu, slide show, designer, etc. 7. Legal outsourcing 8. Legal advice 9. Claims and other documents used in judicial practice 10. Admissions 11. Specialization. In addition to these 11, a block of personalities is repeated 9 times. Only 12 different blocks. Internal pages In addition to the insets of authors-lawyers, blocks with the main one, banners with a call to fill out documents, blocks-temptations, each page can contain articles from sections of services to legal entities and individuals. These are 27 sections: 1. Services to individuals: 2. Copyright protection 3. Equity construction 4. Divorce and property division 5. Consumer protection 6. Family disputes 7. Debt collection 8. Registration of inheritance 9. Recovery of alimony 10. Land disputes 11. Recovery of material damage and compensation for non-pecuniary damage 12. Labor disputes 13. Housing disputes 14. Criminal proceedings 15. Registration of individual entrepreneurs 16. Amendments to the Unified State Register of Enterprises 17. Services to legal entities: 18 Legal services in the field of corporate law 19. Legal support tax audit rock. Tax disputes 20. Debt collection 21. Protection of business reputation 22. Contractual disputes 23. Judicial arbitration 24. Registration of non-profit organizations 25. Obtaining extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities 26. Registration of a trademark 27. Registration of an LLC Each article has its own illustrations, they can be used, they are mostly honestly bought in stock and are in higher resolution. Forms of legal documents are assigned to each article, which are proposed to be completed by the user. Logo Logo repeats header. Such a header would be good because we would have a concept of controlled Armageddon, from which the rest can be built. Here is the dictionary definition of Armageddon: “Armageddon in Christian representations is the place of the last battle of good and evil (angels and demons) at the end of time, where“ kings of the whole inhabited earth ”will participate (Apoc. 16 , 14-16). Armageddon is also the designation of the Battle of Armageddon itself. The word "Armageddon" is derived from the name of Mount Megiddo, located 10 kilometers from the city of Afula in northern Israel. Many important historical battles of biblical times are associated with this place. In this region there was a punitive legion of Rome, which very brutally cracked down on the local population and personified evil. Probably Megiddo and the "mountain of Israel" (Ezek. 38: 8), where the final destruction of the hordes of Gog (according to Christian understanding, the Antichrist) will take place the same place. " After Armageddon there will be the Last Judgment, but the earthly courts coming to us are not terrible. We in the preliminary stages of the battle will be protected by Karachenkov and partners. Lawyers stand in front with a wedge, in battle order, like the vanguard, and behind them the forces of good, ready for battle. There are no evil forces in the picture - they are from the back of the screen, where they torment our potential clients. Citizens will both see their own and rush to them , which will give a good behavioral factor and high CTR. The logo consists of nine vertical elements arranged in the form of an up arrow, just as the textacters in the header are declared.

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