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Printed 2003-05-20
TECHNICAL AND OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS for the creation of a corporate Portal redesign project (main site and affiliate sites) The purpose of the work is to create a corporate Portal redesign project (main site and affiliate sites). Tasks of work 1. Web audit of the Portal sites; 2. Creating a Portal redesign project; 1. Web audit of Portal sites 1.1. Conducting a basic search (SEO) audit of the Portal. 1.1.1. Checking the site for errors that make indexing its pages difficult by search robots. 1.1.2. Analysis of content and textual information in order to increase the effectiveness of keywords and meet the requirements of search engine optimization. 1.1.3. Analysis of the main page of the site in terms of SEO textacteristics, as well as attractiveness and convenience for potential customers. 1.2. Carrying out work on the web analytics of the Portal. 1.2.1. Audience textacteristics (age, geography, interests, traffic sources). 1.2.2. User behavior on the site (time of visit, entry and exit points, popular pages, etc.). 1.2.3. Sources of traffic. 1.2.4. Use of devices and web browsers by visitors. 1.3. Usability audit: analytics of the degree of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity with which a certain user solves a certain problem in certain conditions. 2. Creating a Portal redesign project 2.1. The Portal redesign project means the solution of a new layout of the Portal sites, presented in the form of a highly detailed prototype, graphic sketch and a separate technical task for its implementation. 2.2. The redesign project should be carried out on the basis of a web audit of the Portal sites. 2.3. The visual design of the Portal should contribute to the solution of the following tasks: - image; - informational; 2.4. The visual design of the corporate Portal should reflect: 2.4.1. The main activity (terrestrial broadcasting services of television and radio channels); 2.4.2. The role of the enterprise in the industry (natural monopoly and the basis of the state television and radio broadcasting system); 2.4.3. Form of ownership (federal state unitary enterprise). 2.4.4. The main tasks (ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting of terrestrial broadcasting of television and radio channels and creating the infrastructure of digital terrestrial broadcasting according to the Federal Target Program); 2.4.5. Coverage of services (presence in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation). 2.5. The visual design of the corporate Portal should help to attract attention and convenient access to information: 2.5.1. To documents regulating the activities of the enterprise; 2.5.2. Documents related to the federal target program “Development of broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009-2018”; 2.5.3. To enterprise information disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation; 2.5.4. To information for viewers on the availability and benefits of digital terrestrial television; 2.5.5. To news, reference information, photo and video materials on the activities of the enterprise aimed at achieving the statutory goals and the implementation of the federal target program “Development of broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009-2018”; 2.5.6. To information about the management of the enterprise and its branches; 2.5.7. To contact information and feedback forms. 2.6. The visual design of the Portal must comply with modern requirements for the design of corporate sites. 2.7. The visual design of the Portal should be carried out in accordance with the corporate style (brand book) of RTRS and use its corporate color schemes, font set and graphic elements. 2.8. The redesign project was to be carried out on the basis of a modular grid specially developed by the Contractor. 2.9. When creating a redesign project, the following technical requirements, conditions and tasks for the new Portal layout should be taken into account: 2.9.1. Formatting of existing content on the Portal sites during the new layout will be carried out by the Contractor, and its subsequent changes are carried out by the Customer; 2.9.2. Portal redesign should meet the criteria of adaptability; 2.9.3. Portal layout should provide automatic scaling of the pages of the Portal sites depending on the width of the working field of the user's browser; 2.9.4. The minimum size (width) of the browser's working field, at which it is necessary to ensure full-fledged display of pages (without a horizontal scroll bar), is 460 pixels; 2.9.5. The visual design of the Portal, images and graphic elements should be optimized for display on Retina displays, 4k and 5k; 2.9.6. When automatically determining the geographic location of a user, content corresponding to the user's location should be displayed; 2.9.7. Design should ensure the correct display of each element of the Portal. 2.9.8. Ensuring the correct display of the Portal sites in the following browser versions: - Internet Explorer: 10 and higher; - Opera: 29.0 and higher; - Mozilla Firefox: 37.0 and higher; - Google Chrome: 42.0 and higher; - Safari: 8.0 and higher. 2.10. The Contractor must provide the Customer with: 2.10.1. Report on the results of an independent web audit of the Portal; 2.10.2. Highly detailed prototype of the Portal; 2.10.3. 3 (three) options for graphic redesign of the Portal; 2.11. The work performed by the Contractor and accepted by the Customer will be considered one approved version of the Portal redesign and logical prototype, made in accordance with the results of the web audit.

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