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TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF INFORMATION RESOURCE GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. The subject of development The subject of development is the development of the website of the network of multidisciplinary clinics President. 1.2. Project goals The project goals can be represented by the following list: - Creation of an Internet resource in order to attract a client to use the services provided by the company. - Make a positive opinion about the quality of services provided by the company. - Make a complete re-design of the project, preserving the original structure of the site. 1.3. Project concept - The project is developed on the basis of an approved design brief and technical specifications drawn up jointly with the client. - The project is implemented on CMS Wordpress. 1.4. The structure of the Internet resource and navigation The structure involves a breakdown into the main sections of the site. The main sections contain information about the company, services, clinics, staff and contact information. 1.5. Language support An Internet resource is provided in Russian. The administrative interface is implemented in Russian. 1.6. Authentication and authorization For visitors to the Internet resource, all information that is published by the administrator for general viewing is available. To work with the administrative interface, the site administrator needs to authenticate using the login and password that are issued to him by the DEVELOPER. Authorization of the administrator for working with the administrative web interface is carried out by standard means of the web server used. STRUCTURE AND CONTENT OF THE INTERNET RESOURCE 1.7. Organization of information. Information resource pages consisting of: 1. The title block, containing: logo, name, slogan. 2. The navigation block of the menu of the information resource 3. The information block, which contains the actual information on the topic of the page. 4. Block with popular areas of the company. 5. The counter of visitors, as well as the connection of site statistics through the services of Yandex-Metric, Google analytics. 6. Footer - the bottom of the site, with copyright and contact information. The standard functions of the Information Resource Content Management System allow you to fully edit the text and graphic contents of the information block. As for the navigation unit and corporate identification, it is possible to edit only its individual elements: editing the contents of navigation menus, editing contact information. Other customer requirements are implemented using specially created means of the publication system, a list of which is determined at the design stage and is formulated in this terms of reference. This is due to the fact that this unit provides the site's availability and forms the basis of its design. Therefore, the intervention of a user who does not have special knowledge in the field of Internet programming in editing this unit is unacceptable. 1.8. Site map 1. Home 2. Directions 2.1. Gynecology 2.1.1 latent infections 2.1.2 Treatment of cervical erosion 2.1.3 Treatment of uterine fibroids 2.1.4 Treatment of cervical erosion 2.2. Phlebology 2.3. Urology andrology 2.3.1 Prevention of sexual disorders and infertility in men 2.4. Pediatrics 2.5. Therapy 2.6. Neurology 2.6.1 Pediatric neurology 2.6.2 Treatment of headache and the causes of its occurrence 2.6.3 Botulinum toxin 2.7. ENT 2.7.1. Children's ENT 2.8. Psychotherapy 2.9. Ophthalmology 2.10. Surgery 2.10.1 Operation of surgical care 2.10.2 Osteoarthrosis 2.11. Cosmetology 2.11.1 Contouring 2.11.2 Mesotherapy 2.11.3 Classical cosmetology 2.11.4 Hair removal 2.11.5 Body care 2.11.6 Permanent makeup Tattoo Color selection Cost 2.11.7 Boutique professional cosmetics 2.11. 8 Medical manicure and hardware pedicure 2.11.9 Radio-frequency (RF) face lifting 2.11.10 Cosmetology preparations 2.12. Endocrinology 2.12.1 Hypothyroidism 2.12.2 Pregnancy and thyroid gland 2.13. Osteopathy 2.13.1 Osteopathy and acupuncture in the rehabilitation of post-stroke disorders 2.13.2 Muscle-energy techniques 2.14. Narcology 2.14.1 Alternative methods of treating alcoholism 2.14.2 Coding 2.14.3 The nature of alcoholism 2.14.4 A few words about the principles of treatment for alcoholism 2.14.5 Narcologists at the Presidential Medical Center 2.14.6 Day hospital 2.14.7 APARTEN 10.5 (the best for today in modern narcology) 2.14.8 Services of a narcologist and prices 2.15. Gastroenterology 2.16. Acupuncture 2.17. Dentistry 2.19. Hirudotherapy 3. Services 3.1. Take tests 3.1.1 Blood tests 3.2. Endoscopy 3.3. Ultrasound 3.3.1 Ultrasound of the sinuses 3.3.2 Ultrasound diagnosis as a universal diagnostic tool 3.3.3 Ultrasound of the eyeball 3.4. Calling a doctor at home 3.5. Psychoanalysis 3.5.1 What is psychoanalysis? 3.5.2 Group psychoanalytic psychotherapy 3.5.3 Family psychotherapy 3.5.4 Psychological assistance to adolescents 3.6. Massage 3.7. Professorship 3.8. Sick leave 3.9. Electroencephalogram 3.10. Gastroscopy 3. 11. Hydrocolonotherapy 3.10. Medical book 4. Doctors 5. Clinics 5.1 Medical center on Yaroslavl highway 5.2 Medical center on Kolomenskaya 5.3 Medical center Vidnoye 6. Center for medical examinations 7. Promotions 8. About the medical center 8.1 Reviews 8.2. News 9. Contacts 1.9. Unified page structure The page of an Internet resource contains the following information: - Logo Organization logo - The main graphic element The purpose of this graphic element: even with a cursory inspection of the page, it is beneficial to provide the name of the organization, as well as give a clear idea of __the type of activity. - Information menu This section navigates through sections of the site containing the main information component of the site. - Information block The main semantic block of the page that carries all the text and graphic information on the subject of the page. - Contact information Address, Phone, e-mail, location map. - Slider On the main page, a slider with current promotions is implemented. - The list of clinics On the main page is the Block - Specializations: Innovation Center of Phlebology, Center for Pediatrics, Center for Eastern Medicine, Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology. (go to the clinic pages). - Legal information and copyright Information block about the creators and owners of the site ADMINISTRATION: Editing the information block of the page sections of all types of menus, contact information, is carried out in the administrative interface of the information resource. The administrative interface will be created taking into account the requirements for the design of the pages of the information resource in such a way that the administrator of the information resource could not, through careless / inept actions, damage the performance or the general design concept of the Information resource. 1.10. Information pages This module allows you to place in the structure of the information resource pages containing text, graphic and video information, plug-ins. 1.11. Doctors page The page should display all the doctors of the clinics, with the ability to sort by specialization. When you click on a specific specialization, the corresponding page opens which contains information about this specialization and all the doctors of this specialization. The following information should be present on the doctor's internal page: -Photo of the doctor -Specialization -Duty (not displayed for everyone, only for head doctors and managers) -Information about education -Reviews about the doctor -List of services rendered with links to the corresponding pages of services -Link to the medical center where the doctor leads the appointment - An open appointment form with the fields: Name, Phone - At the bottom of the block with links to other doctors of the same specialty (preview photo, name) 1.12. News module A news module will be connected and installed. Each news consists of the following fields: - Headline - Short text of the news - Buttons Learn more - Full text of the news (with the possibility of editing in the html editor and adding pictures) 1.13. Stock module A module will be connected and installed that allows you to place stocks on the site. Each action is entered by the administrator and should consist of the following fields: - Title - A picture in a format defined by the designer - Buttons Learn more - The full text of the action (with the possibility of editing in the html editor and adding pictures) 1.14. Feedback Forms 2 feedback forms will be implemented - an appointment, leave a review. The form contains the following fields to fill in: - Your Name - Contact phone - The doctor of interest (here is a drop-down list of doctors' specializations) - Convenient date and time - The button to sign up In the form to leave feedback, the following fields are filled: - Your Name - E-mail - Feedback - Button Leave feedback We suggest replacing the callback form with a callbackhunter service that increases the efficiency of this form by 150% and will be a real tool for sales, in contrast to the form by which it takes a long time to call back and not willingly fill up. We will tell you more during the conversation. 2. DESIGN 2.1 External presentation Information resource pages will be executed based on the approved design brief. The layout of the site is based on Bootstrap technology and is fully adaptive for mobile devices. 2.2 Administrator interface The pages of the administrator interface will be made with minimal use of decorative graphic elements and will provide a visual representation of the available information and a quick transition to the main sections and functions of the system. 3. SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE The requirements for the hardware and software are as follows: - The Internet site is a distributed client-server application. - The server part of the software, in turn, is divided into a database server (relational database management system MySQL RDBMS) and application server (a set of scripts, modules and PHP classes, Apache web server). The server part provides the functioning of the Internet site according to the terms of reference. 1) Client application - web browser. Web browser is used to view the website by visitors, as well as to manage information on the site by the administrator. Correct display by browsers Internet Explorer 10.0 and higher, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Google Chrome (versions of build browsers of 2012 and later are correctly supported). - The responsible employee of the CUSTOMER has the ability to manage information on the site using a web browser using a personal password. 4. RELIABILITY REQUIREMENTS 4.2.1. Security requirements The system must ensure the correct separation of user access rights. The system software should ensure that there are no known application-level software vulnerabilities to attacks of failure and unauthorized access. 4.2.2. Performance requirements The necessary software for the site to work must be installed on a hardware platform whose performance is sufficient to effectively serve visitors to the created resource. 4.2.3. Sustainability requirements The site should be maintained around the clock with acceptable breaks for prevention and troubleshooting no more than 5 hours per month. With a correct restart of the hardware and operating system, the functioning of the site should be restored in full automatically, without operator intervention. 5. TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROL It is envisaged to test the operational reliability of the site in the amount of normal operation (100-300 visitors per day). Testing will be carried out in the following hardware configuration: - MySQL database server; - Apache web server; The first level of testing is carried out by the development team. The second level of testing is carried out by the CUSTOMER's specialists during the test operation. For testing purposes, the customer can attract customers from Russia and foreign countries, set various, including peak, loads on the website, and form specific orders. Errors and shortcomings identified at this stage are eliminated by the Contractor at his own expense within the time period established by the Agreement. 6. DOCUMENTATION As part of the work on the project stage described in this TOR, the following documentation should be created: - Guide for the site administrator (instructions for working with the site); 7. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Technical support of the Internet resource is carried out under a separate contract for technical support. The information and technical support service will help the Administrator of the Internet resource from the CUSTOMER to cope with any difficulties encountered during the operation of the Internet resource and the Content Management System of the site (Publication System). CONTRACTOR: CUSTOMER: _________________ / ____________ / ______________ / ____________ /

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