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Printed 2017-04-20
Basic requirements 1. Site theme - collecting old wired phones 2. The main design direction is retro, but without fanaticism. 3. Be sure to resp-nsive / adaptive type. 4. Content in three languages: Russian, English, Czech 5. Access interface for adding items, news, etc. Colors Preferred: - the background color is white, yellowish, beige - the color of the main text is black - the color of the headers is optional Fonts - for the main text is not important - for the headers “historical / retro / decorative” font, but easy to read Structure The structure is something like this: - Home page - Collection - Division by producers - Collection section times (producer times) - Many pages of collection elements - Collection two sections (producer two) - Many pages of collection elements - ... - Section n (producer n) - Multiple about the pages of the elements of the collection - Division by country - Section of the collection of times (country times) - Many pages of elements of the collection - Section of the collection two (country two) - Many pages of elements of the collection - ... - Section n (country n) - Many pages of elements of the collection - Division by years of production - Exchange - “Want” section - Many elements pages - “Exchange / for sale ”section - Many elements pages, you can get by with a list of links on a section page, links (or element pages) lead (or belong) to element pages the collection and for which the property“ include in the exchange fund. / For sale ”is active) - News feed (notes) - Many pages of notes - History - Many pages of elements - Links, sponsors Collection sections You may need to create separate pages for manufacturers, but for countries and time intervals, a small annotation above the list of elements will suffice. Collection element - Name - Name in the language once - Name in the language two - Name in the language three - Description in the language once - Description in the language two - Description in the language three - Image for country collection section pages (small) - Image for the item's page - Image for detailed viewing (enlarged) (possibly several detailed images), but with a sign to show or not. - Manufacturer (brand) - Country - Year of issue - Whether to include the item in the exchange fund / for sale - Sale price (show with a sign or not) Cross-cutting design elements - Language version selector - search - Main menu ( start; collection, collection, submenu of sections; exchange, search / offer submenu; notes, news) - Slogan in the header (depending on the language version) - Contact form - Social media buttons (LinkedIn, Faceb - k) in doubt - Basement with copyright - Perhaps a slider with images of elements collection. Main page Ideas: - A slider with photos, but would prefer a collage - A brief description of the site - The last elements of the collection from each section are in doubt - The headings of the latest notes - The visitor counter (so far invisible ), you can place it in the control interface at the initial stage - Banners for banner exchange networks 728x90 at the top, 240x400 or 120x240 on the right, at the discretion. - It is advisable to fit everything into one 600pik screen. Multilingualism Most likely you will have to do everything you need manually. It will not be possible to make different links for pages of different language versions, that is, the addresses of the pages will be different, but they will only differ in a subdirectory that will not allow you to use keywords for each language. For example, the page of the army telephone TA-57, will be: - www.d-main.tld / en / TA-57 - Russian version - www.d-main.tld / ru / TA-57 - Russian version - www.d- main.tld / cz / TA-57 - Czech version

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