Paid advertisement

Site Selection in YAN

Sometimes it happens that traffic with YAN is of poor quality: many failures, few applications. How to be

Updates to Yandex Direct

Another method of increasing the clickability of ads on Yandex search. When does it work and how to apply?

How to set bids in YAN

Creating and running a campaign on the Yandex Advertising Network is much easier than on search. Problems begin later ...

Extended headers in Yandex Direct

For search campaigns, the most important metric is CTR. How to increase it?

Additional phrases in Yandex Direct

Additional relevant phrases - one of the Yandex.Direct settings, which often leads to a huge budget drain

Time adjustments in Yandex Direct

In most businesses, customer / customer activity is highly dependent on the time of day. How to take this into account in an advertising campaign?

Yandex Audiences: Cheap Direct

Let's try to figure out why this tool is a real breakthrough in Internet marketing in general and contextual advertising in particular

Yandex.Direct demographic adjustments

Yandex collects a huge amount of user data every second. How to use them in contextual advertising?

Report on impression line items in Yandex Direct

When working with search campaigns, it's important to keep track of which positions your ads appear on. How to do it and why?

Full Yandex.Direct setup from scratch: video tutorial

Two-hour hands-on video tutorial with a full setting of contextual advertising in Yandex from scratch

How Yandex.Direct actually works

Advertising in Yandex.Direct is a great way to get customers! But something went wrong for the guys from the video ...