SEO website optimization: what is it

SEO website optimization: what is it

Sometimes SEO promotion and optimization are confused and do not make any differences. We understand what is what
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Printed 2011-07-20

Now almost everyone has heard about SEO-optimization of sites, but not everyone represents what it is. Generally speaking, this is one of the components of website promotion; sometimes all these concepts are confused and do not distinguish between them. We at the agency include basic seo optimization in the list of standard works when turnkey website development is underway . The price includes writing texts and processing meta tags. 


The main tool for SEO optimization is the placement of high-quality unique texts on the site. The more accurately the text responds to a potential visitor's request driven into Yandex or Google, the more likely it is to raise the site in the TOP search. 

With the release of new search engine algorithms, it has become important that the text does not just hang as a “sheet” that no one reads. The page as a whole should be attractive and interesting, the text should be divided into paragraphs and lists and provided with illustrations. All this is necessary so that the search engine (and they, of course, track the behavior of users on the site) recognizes the page as interesting and relevant. 

Meta tags

This technical aspect of optimization lies in the fact that on each page of the site there are special instructions for search engine robots. These instructions are not visible to the average user, but are read when indexing the site. 

Structure and linking

The position of the site is affected by its internal structure. Roughly speaking, the more pages on a site, the more understandable and logical its structure and the more inside cross-links between pages, the better. 

External optimization

In addition to working with the site itself, there are ways to promote using third-party resources. This is, first of all, posting on other sites links leading to a promoted site. 

This method of promotion does not work as corny as it was at the beginning of the development of the SEO market, when you could buy several thousand links and stake out your site in the TOP: such actions now lead to blocking of the site by search engines. 

But the selective purchase of high-quality links from decent sites still gives an effect. 

Many people think that website SEO optimization is a “dark” and incomprehensible process. But, as you see, in general it is very simple and understandable. As always, the devil is in the details :)

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