10 Ways to Combat Reducing Organic Reach on Social Media

10 Ways to Combat Reducing Organic Reach on Social Media

Details on how to increase views of posts on Facebook, Vkontakte and Insta
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2001-08-20

Over time, it seems that the organic reach in social networks continues to decline further and further. Although now it seems that we capture only a tiny part of our audience with each of the posts. 

In this post, I have gathered 10 principles that will help you deal with the decline in organic reach on social networks. 

1. You need to know the algorithms

The first part of the fight against reducing organic reach in social networks is the study of the algorithms of each of the social networks that you use . 

In a nutshell, the algorithms of social networks are based on three main principles:

  • Relevance - How long have you published a post
  • Relevance - how relevant are your posts to your audience
  • Engagement - how your audience reacts to your posts (likes, comments and posts)

Each social network has its own nuances when it comes to how it ranks content, but remember these basic principles and how you can apply them to your content and social media marketing. Once you learn the basics, you can creatively “play” with each element of the algorithm and use them to your advantage. 

2. Live broadcasts

Have you already tried live on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? 

Live on Facebook (and other networks) increases the activity of the audience, which in the future leads to increased coverage. 

Let your subscribers know your team, announce upcoming events, or just have fun in a Q & A format. 

Another advantage of live video: you can use it after the broadcast to create even more content. 

3. User Content

According to a recent Stackla poll:

“In addition to being the most authentic user-generated content, it is also the most influential; consumers refer to it when making purchasing decisions. Most consumers say they made purchasing decisions based on user posts - 57% planned to dine at a particular restaurant, 54% bought goods and 52% decided to go to a specific place based on an image or video from other users. ” 

So listen to people and include custom content in your SMM strategy to combat lower coverage. In practice, we and the clients of our SMM agency are absolutely sure that the posts created by users are more interesting than the original branded photos. 

A Stackla poll also found that:

"51% of people say that they are more likely to continue to interact with the brand and / or purchase his products if he shares his photos, videos or publications throughout the course of the marketing. ” 

Another key point to note. 

4. Create unique content for each platform

Creating unique content for each social network your brand runs on is another good strategy to combat organic decline. 

Use platform-specific tools (such as Instagram Stories, poll stickers on Instagram Stories, Twitter Moments, etc.) to increase interest and engagement on every social network. This will give subscribers an additional incentive to monitor your business on each platform. 

5. Set your budget for promotion

Obviously, this involves some costs, but another quick way to combat the reduction in the organic reach of your posts on social networks is to u se the built-in advertising methods. 

Good targeting is required if you do not want to spend money without result. Knowing your customer is key because there are so many targeting options. 

Refine your audience for each ad and target the publication to these users. 

6. Influence marketing

Collaborating with opinion leaders is not a quick way, but it can be another way to combat lower reach. 

The secret is to find the right influencers. Those that match your target consumer and attraction the right customers for your business. You will need to do a whole study, but you'll get significantly more traffic, impressions and reach. 

7. Instagram Stories

Posting to Instagram Stories can be a good way to increase your reach. 

Using hashtags and location stickers in your “Stories”, you can greatly increase the number of impressions. 

8. Quality content

Are you tired of hearing about the quality of your content?))

Let's think not only about its actual form, but also about quality, as well as how to add value to the content for your audience and provide them with what they really need. 

Conduct polls (you can do this using the same polls on Instagram or Twitter, for example) and ask questions to really find out what kind of pain your audience has, what they like to see and how you can help them. 

9. Consistency

This surefire way to combat the decline in organic reach has not gone away. You must be consistent in the frequency of publications, “keep the quality” and appearance of posts and account. 

10. Analytics

Analytics is my favorite, but how can it help to combat lower coverage? 

Take the habit of watching your analytics and tracking it. You can use third-party services for this. Pay attention to what works well, and direct your efforts there - and finally stop wasting time on things that don't work. 

Organic reach is not dead. But we absolutely definitely see its consistent decline over time. Do not blame the algorithms. The only sure way to combat the decline in organic reach is to gather a loyal audience and focus on attracting and retaining it. 

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