Instagram account security

Instagram account security

How to protect your Instagram account from hackers and intruders
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Printed 2013-03-20

Have you ever felt the harassment of yourself on the Internet? Maybe someone created a fake profile in your name? Are you afraid of posting photos on Instagram, Vkontakte or Facebook so that they are not used by intruders? If you encounter the above problems or similar, you should think about security on Instagram. 

Let's face it: the Internet is not as friendly as before. The spread of universal access to the Internet around the world has led some people and organizations to use it for illegal purposes. The emergence of social networks has led to more and more people becoming vulnerable to cyber crimes, bullying, and many other problems. 

Of course, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social networks take measures for your safety on their platforms. Of course, there is an effect from them. These companies are investing millions of dollars in the search for tools and the development of protective measures, for the introduction of innovations in technical products and software that will help increase security on platforms. They need this to build trust and your confidence in their services. 

However, we must be aware the fact that there is also our individual responsibility. To be safe, we must follow certain recommendations that are obtained through thorough research. Today, together with the specialist of the SMM agency , we will consider the basic techniques that ensure Instagram safety. 

1. Inappropriate Content

Do you see "Wrong / Illegal / Obscene Posts and Stories" appearing on your Instagram feed? 

After Instagram was bought by Facebook, it began to work on the strict “Community Guidelines”. Instagram is very strict when it comes to violence, nudity, pornography, obscenity and similar topics in the content. 

Instagram moderators work around the clock, viewing and deleting thousands of messages, stories and videos that have received complaints from users. If such posts do not comply with Instagram rules, they are immediately removed from the platform. 

The first thing you should do when you see an incorrect message, story, profile or any other violations in your stream is to report it to Instagram. This action is anonymous, so the person who is reported will never understand what exactly you complained about it. 

2. Harassment

According to Instagram, the most common crime on the platform is related to cyber-harassment. To stop this practice, Instagram has developed many recommendations and ask users to follow them. In addition to complaining about a separate profile, there are tools at your disposal to prevent online bullying on Instagram. 

The Instagram blocking feature is fast, efficient, and very easy to use. Users can directly block people by clicking on the tab that appears in the upper right part of the profile that needs to be blocked. 

In addition to blocking individual profiles and pages, you can also control who has the ability to post comments in your posts and who cannot, as well as determine the list of users from whom your stories will be hidden. And in the Instagram software, a set of words and phrases is defined, which it automatically scans and prohibits from publication. 

3. Your privacy

In terms of protecting your personal privacy, Instagram gives you the right to close your account to outsiders, that is, you can make your profile either public or closed . When people subscribe to your private profile, you can first check to see if you want to allow him to become a subscriber and watch your posts. 

Instagram also allows you to customize how your activity is displayed, much like whats on WhatsApp (WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram - all of them belong to Mark Zuckerberg!). If you have a huge number of subscribers, but you want to limit the number of people who can view some of your personal stories, you can create a list of “close friends” and show some stories only to them. 

4. Two-step authentication

Instagram advises you to choose a strong password. In other words, a password that contains uppercase letters, capital letters, numbers and special textacters. Many people make a big mistake using their names, days, and years of birth as passwords. Choose a password that does not contain your name, nickname, or birthday to prevent your account from being hacked. 

Instagram also supports 2-step verification with Google Authenticator. You can go to your account settings and use this method to make your account safe and secure. 

5. How much time are you on Instagram? 

Many companies encourage you to spend as much time as possible and consume as much content as possible on social media pages.  Social Media Promotion affects their earnings. However, Instagram understands that the "overdose" of social networks can have a detrimental effect on a person if he sits on the network continuously. 

Instagram has a setting that is hidden in your activity settings. You can monitor how much time you spend on the application every day, and you can even set alerts that Insta will send you if you exceed the daily limit you set. This is a unique opportunity, but almost no one knows about it. 

Probably, people and technologies will ultimately form a better and mutually beneficial world for both. Instagram has probably come up with a number of innovative features that will enhance security within the app. However, we, as consumers, must also be aware of our actions and the dangers we face. Security issues always remain possible, but knowing how to protect yourself from them definitely removes some of our fears. 

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