Cheap social media promotion

Cheap social media promotion

3 ways to (almost) free SMM promotion
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2029-09-20

A good marketing plan is the key to a successful business for any entrepreneur. One of the most cost-effective strategies is to use SMM promotion on social networks. It still requires a plan, goal and investment, but you can achieve excellent results even with a limited budget if you know life hacks. 

Do it yourself < / h2>

If you need money, don't ignore social media promotion just because of a lack of funds. Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media management platforms. Plan the publication of your content for the site and social networks using similar services (for example, SMMPlanner). They give you the opportunity to do part of the work of SMM agencies yourself. Usually there is a completely free tariff that will give you the basic functionality, as well as a paid professional version that gives you all the bells and whistles necessary for the effective configuration and content management of social networks. This work requires more time and independence than others, but at such low costs it is a great option to start. 

SMM for $ 99

If you think that having your own manager for working in social networks is for the “big guys”, you are mistaken. The Social $ 99 service was created by and for entrepreneurs. You need specialist coverage and help to start a successful campaign on social networks with minimal costs (as you might have guessed, it costs $ 99 per month). You fill out a preliminary questionnaire so that your account can be found out about your business and needs, and then the service helps you advance on social networks. This plan includes daily posts, replies to comments on social networks, and even removing spam from your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. There is no cunning contract, no hidden fees and no price increases. It costs exactly ninety nine dollars. 

Explosive growth

Hubspot is an excellent service for any entrepreneur who wants to develop a promotion plan on social networks. It provides many useful tips, case studies, and free reports to help you create your SMM marketing strategy. If you want to work with Hubspot, do not be alarmed: yes, for a large business it costs well, but for beginners there is also a suitable tariff. The basic plan starts at $ 200 per month and is an excellent starting point for an entrepreneur whose business needs such a rapid development in which it can no longer be managed alone. 

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