How to cheat subscribers in Tik Tok

How to cheat subscribers in Tik Tok

Paid and free ways to gain an audience in TickTok
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Printed 2014-07-20

It's nice when you have a lot of subscribers. Even nicer when there are so many that you are willing to pay for advertising. That's just how to wind up subscribers to Tick Tok (for free, of course) and preferably faster? 


This mechanics is familiar to many from Instagram, where it is called "mass follow-up." The point is simple: like and subscribe to others, and some part will follow you in response. For this to work, two conditions must be met. First: subscribe to accounts with a small audience, otherwise you simply will not be noticed against the background of others. Second: complete your profile properly so that you want to subscribe to it in response. 


This method is also "as old as the world." Take some fresh trending video and leave a comment under it. It is desirable that one would like to click on him and look at the author. This may be an important point, provocation or intrigue. 


If you make a high-quality trending video that “logs in” and collects several (tens) of thousands of views, then subscribers will appear automatically, free of textge and in large quantities. This is the best way! 

Paid wrap

If the thirst for popularity is such that you are ready to spend money on it ... well, there are ways for you too :) Here are a few services that can be used to get almost free Subscribers in Tick Tok:

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As you can see, it's possible to wind up subscribers to Tick Tok both free and paid methods. The most effective is the creation of cool content. So it was, is and will always be :) :)

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