KPI for SMM promotion

KPI for SMM promotion

Many people think that investing in SMM-promotion in social networks is "incomprehensible" and "blurred." What KPIs should I monitor in this case?
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Printed 2007-07-20

Each ruble invested in advertising should pay off (preferably repeatedly). Many people think that investing in SMM-promotion in social networks is "incomprehensible" and "blurred." What KPIs should I monitor in this case? 

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  • Number of subscribers
  • Engagement
  • Activity

In order for an advertisement to be effective, you need to stage of work (usually 1 month of promotion) to monitor its results, which should be expressed in numbers. These numbers are key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Firstly, this is the number of subscribers (the current number and number of new users attracted). This is an indicator that indirectly affects the arrival. For example, if you have 20,000 well-assembled target subscribers on Instagram, this means that you will automatically have a certain number of hits (leads) and purchases. 

The second indicator is activity and engagement. This is the depth, frequency of interaction of the audience with your content. Roughly speaking, this is the number of likes and comments in posts. If you release a lot of content, constantly publish new materials, but no one reads them, then the promotion efficiency is low. Like is also an indirect indicator, but it is more specific than the total number of subscribers: if your posts are like, then you have gathered the right audience and publish what she likes. This is already good. A reasonable comment is even more valuable (for example, with a question about a product). This comment may also apply to the next KPI

The third indicator already directly affects sales and profits. This is the number of hits (leads). It is calculated as the sum of the number of calls, letters to mail, messages in the LAN and so on. Depending on the size and level of the company, the scale of the business and the quality of CRM settings, various performance indicators can be evaluated. If the number of subscribers, activity and involvement can always be calculated, then the leads (and even more so sales) require more careful monitoring. Here, the effectiveness will depend not only on the quality of the advertising campaign, but also on the work of the sales department in your business. 

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