Opinion Leaders and Influence Marketing

Opinion Leaders and Influence Marketing

A few words about influenza marketing
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Printed 2019-08-20

In the world of e-commerce, we are constantly looking for new ways to prove to our customers that our products and services are the best. If we say it directly, then it is perceived as "steaming." But if it tells someone else whom the client trusts, a feeling of trust arises. That is why celebrities receive huge sums for becoming the “face of the brand”. But how does influence marketing work? How is “social evidence” arranged? 

Such evidence will be subjective: you need the consumer to trust the source. In the digital marketing world, there are five different types of social evidence. Understanding who your customers trust and providing them with “evidence” from these people is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. 

Mother knows better < / h2>

What do PayPal and Uber have in common? Their highly successful “Invite a Friend” advertising mechanics may be one of the key reasons these companies have become known worldwide. 

This seems obvious, but we tend to trust close friends. The difficulty of using direct recommendations (for marketing needs) is that they often remain in private communication in some kind of messenger. The key to success is getting consumers to make their recommendations public. A great way is to encourage them to use their corporate hashtags so that other users can easily find photos and videos from your customers. 

When the Thorntons chocolatier advertised his ice cream on Facebook, he would give people an extra slice of that ice cream if they showed a voucher at the store. Timed to coincide with National Ice Cream Day, the campaign received great coverage on Facebook and led people to post photos with ice cream and hashtags. 

Megan Effect

The story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in November 2017 was a turning point for several British companies. The Megan Effect is thought to have led to a 2% increase in sales by British company Barbour, and fashion brands Joseph, Self Portrait, Parosh and Aritzia say their collections sold out within a few days after Megan posted her photos in these things. 

Giving a star a barter item in exchange for a review or photo is one of the methods used by the SMM agency in marketing influence when working with opinion leaders. 

Expert evidence

The presence of a generally accepted “signal of trust”, such as a rating on Yandex.Market or any industry award, can convince the consumer that his choice is approved by experts. 

Studies in the USA have shown that 80% of people trust even unknown certification stickers more than any other type of information about the usefulness and environmental friendliness of the product. So placing certificates and industry awards on the main page of the site and on the Instagram profile can increase conversion among those who first encountered the company. 

Custom content

Three quarters (more precisely, about 76%) of consumers believe that the content shared by people on social networks is more honest than advertising. Selfies of a girl dressed in a certain dress, or a video review of a mountain bike shot in the backyard of a cyclist, will be much more convincing than pictures from a "sterile" studio. 

The inclusion of this type of user-generated content is a great way to provide the very “social evidence”, as it demonstrates someone else's positive experience using the product. This is one of the most important techniques for marketing influence, since there can be VERY many such content. And if, looking at a popular blogger, many will think - “Hah, yes he was paid!” - a lively recall by an unknown person will not cause such doubts. 

Following the herd

81% of buyers do whole research on the Internet before buying, and 85% trust product reviews as well as personal recommendations. Seeing a bunch of reviews, many people think - "Oh, how would I not be late, I also need to!" They have the confidence that they are following something generally accepted. Using positive reviews convinces customers that they are choosing the right product. 

Posting an endless stream of reviews on Instagram (keeping it in the "current") gives subscribers a sense of hundred-percent reliability and - most importantly - demand! 

Think about which tactics are more suitable in your case: working with stars, generating tons of user-generated content, or using expert ratings. In any case, this or that marketing influence technique will surely be effective for you. 

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