Promotion of Instagram in 2020

Promotion of Instagram in 2020

Insta promotion trends in 2020
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Printed 2013-01-20

The key word for successful social media promotion in 2020 is “change." Social networks are changing, user preferences and habits are changing, which means companies' SMM strategies must change. 

In SMM, it's vital to keep up with the times. 

Today, getting a good organic reach on social networks is quite difficult. The golden years, when it was enough to regularly do posts to be in sight, were over. In 2009-2011, the visibility of posts and coverage were not yet a problem. 

SMM task in 2019

The modern promotion of Instagram has a twofold task: firstly, to give good coverage, and secondly , to combine the SMM strategy with the goals of the company. 

This is the main thing that the SMM manager needs to do in 2019 and 2020. Reducing organic coverage is one of the main problems of recent months. Everyone who monitors their organic (free) reach on social networks is still sad. It is clear that without coverage there will be no audience, no leads, no sales. Here's what you can do to help reduce organic reach:

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  • Quality instead of quantity: Publish only what really benefits the audience and catches it, instead of just posting as often as possible;
  • Have a constant advertising budget for promoting content.
  • In addition to ensuring high coverage, the second task of SMM agencies for 2019 - 2020 - to link analytical indicators with business goals. Today, of course, most entrepreneurs and marketers are aware of the need to measure and analyze social network analytics data. But sometimes companies lack convenient and understandable tools, and there is too much data. What to do about it? 

    • Do not measure everything: analyze only indicators related to business goals (for example, brand recognition)
    • Use UTM tags (i.e. track traffic sources and conversions)
    • Record data on subscriber engagement. 

    Decrease in activity

    Today, activity on social networks is decreasing, and the general passivity of the audience is increasing. 

    But what exactly do these trends mean? An analysis of the available data shows that the most significant part of the time spent by users on a mobile phone is on social networks. Roughly speaking, out of 3 minutes spent by a person on the phone (with an Internet connection), he spends 1 minute on Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte. For this we do not use social networks just to post posts and stories: we want to spend time there (39%), watch the news (39%), we want entertainment and relaxation (60%, Hootsuite data). 

    In a word, we produce less and less content. In addition, social networks begin to compete with search engines and pose a threat to them. This is a growing trend, especially considering the fact that an increasing number of people are shopping through social networks. Search in social networks (as if they were a traditional search engine such as Yandex or Google) among a young audience (16-24 years old) surpassed the search for the same through regular search engines. Already in 2017, 28% of Internet users in the world used social networks to search for goods and services. 

    These data are published in the annual report “Trends of social media in 2018”. Therefore, companies must definitely review their SMM strategy in order to be visible and competitive. 

    TV, bots and a decline in confidence

    There are three macro-trends in promoting social networks in 2020, and, of course, they did not appear suddenly on January 1. Many of them exist for months or even years. The first one is about video. 

    • Social Television. We spend more and more time on our mobile devices and increasingly consume video content. Therefore, social networks have become full of new forms of entertainment and information in video format. This path leads to the fact that soon the publication of television content on social networks will begin (thanks to the increasingly affordable and fast Wi-Fi). All this provides new opportunities for companies. 
    • Firstly, distribute TV content to the audience of social networks
    • Secondly, advertise your product through live video
    • Thirdly, create partnerships with video microbloggers with a small , but involved and targeted audience. This is especially useful for those companies that cannot create their own popular blog. 

    The second trend. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being a useful helper for customer service. Here's what we have on social networks thanks to the use of AI:

    • Display content based on user preferences
    • Automatic answers to frequently asked questions
    • The ability to predict trends based on statistics. 

    The decline of confidence. This is not the name of the film, but the third macro trend of 2020-2021. There is a general decline in public confidence in the entire media system. On the other hand, trust in real personalities, on the contrary, is increasing. These are, in particular, bloggers, real employees of companies (and not top management), and, importantly, just ordinary people. The current trend is that in social networks, ordinary users, “the same as everyone”, have no less trust than the promoted “experts”. 

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