Instagram promotion program

Instagram promotion program

A small classification of programs for Insta
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Printed 2004-07-20

What are the Instagram promotion programs? Let's do a little review. 


Firstly, these are programs for massfollowing. This is a promotion method in which your account massively subscribes to other users, and some of them, seeing you in notifications, sign in response. Good programs of this kind (for example, Tooligram) allow you to fine-tune the list of people you subscribe to, so you can get a very high-quality audience. The disadvantage of such programs is that the promotion speed is small: about 1000 new subscribers per month (and if you have a commercial account or online store, then even less). In addition, you need to be careful so as not to violate the limits of Instagram and not get a ban. 

Auto-posting < / h2>

Secondly, to programs for promotion, we will assign programs for delayed posting (for example, SMMPlanner). They allow you to automate the work: you can schedule all posts in advance for a month (or more), indicate the publication time for each, and do other things yourself. 

Cheat subscribers

There are also programs and services with which you can make cheat subscribers. It's very cheap (subscriber cost less than 1 ruble), but as a result you will have an account full of bots and with spoiled statistics. Unfortunately, the promises of such services that they're cheating live subscribers are false: bot accounts sometimes look quite realistic, have avatars and even a certain number of subscribers. But most of them are recognized and deleted by Instagram; in addition, bots do not comment on you and do not like, which means for Insta your account (with a formally large number of subscribers!) is “dead”. 

Any instagram promotion program should be used with great care. Be critical of the promises made by developers of such services :)

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