Work with clients in social networks

Work with clients in social networks

How to improve Customer Experience in social networks: 7 lifehacks
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2013-05-20

You won't run away from the fact that customer service is vital for most companies. And social media is a channel that has made customer service faster and easier over the past decade. You can use messages, comments and reviews to track the desires and feelings of your customers. Social networks can help you make customers happy and keep them lasting. However, you cannot achieve this goal if you do not know how to use social networks to improve the quality of customer service. In this article, our SMM agency shares tricks to help you achieve this goal. 

1. Select social networks

All customers want to have contact with a brand that sells them various products and services. Social networks is one of the best platforms that brings you closer to customers. The first thing you need to do is open pages on suitable social networks. The standard list includes Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Classmates and (abroad) LinkedIn. Try to choose those social networks in which your target audience spends most of the time. The choice depends on the industry. Close interaction with customers through pages on social networks will significantly increase your level of customer service. 

2. Regular updates

Response time is critical in customer service. You must make sure that you maintain your page properly after its creation. No one wants to be subscribed to a "dead" account. It can be worse when the business itself does not show any signs of presence. The most important thing is to regularly update your pages on social networks. This is necessary in order to promptly answer questions that your customers ask, process negative customer reviews, and also remove trolls and spammers, as they can scare your real customers. 

3. Customer Service Department. 

If your business is large enough and you have both the social media promotion manager and the department for working with By customers, you need to find a way to tie them together. Microbusiness achieves this goal by forcing one person to cope with these two responsibilities. However, you can enable client and social media teams to work hand in hand while managing customer requests together. These tasks are usually solved separately only because they use different platforms. Both teams must have access to the situation that the other team is facing. 

4. Well-coordinated work

Suppose a customer comes to your auto parts store and talks to one of the employees. He should be able to get the same answer as from your managers on social networks. Hearing different information on the same issue would be unpleasant and strange for the client - he does not know how the business processes in your company are arranged. You must give uniform knowledge about the product to all your managers, including a specialist in social networks. Take the time to prepare and study so that people can properly study the activities of the company. A customer service should always provide the right information from the start. If you allow your team to comment on business processes on social networks, make sure that they understand them correctly and in detail. It is not good to upset or confuse your customers due to lack of knowledge. 

5. Answer all

Don’t limit yourself to answers only when customers ask questions or complain about your product or service. Make sure you communicate with your customers, even if everything is in order. Even just saying “thank you,” it will greatly contribute to increasing customer loyalty and their involvement in your online funnel. In addition, often you can make them feel helpful by asking for opinions or asking for their suggestions on certain issues. 

6. Competence

Imagine that you asked a company a question on a page on a social network, and from the received answer it is clear that the employee does not know what he is talking about. As a customer, you are unlikely to want to get involved in such a business another time. Clients will not work with you if it seems to them that they know more than you. Therefore, the people to whom you assign responsibility for managing your social networks should know everything about what your brand offers. Therefore, you need to organize regular training so that your employees always have up-to-date information. 

7. Activities

Many companies place promotional materials, flyers and coupons in their accounts. Most of these posts are just a rephrasing of what you find in their offline stores. You can encourage your target audience, accustom it to follow your activities on social networks, encouraging them to participate in contests and sweepstakes. This is an easy and quick way to get additional likes and sales. 


All of the above techniques can help you use social networks to improve the quality of customer service. We also note that you need to learn how to keep any personal data confidential, to be aware of what your customers need and give it to them. Listening to customers is of paramount importance if you want to use social networks to improve the quality of customer service. 

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