Ways to promote on social networks in 2020

Ways to promote on social networks in 2020

6 ways of SMM promotion that will definitely be relevant in 2020
Julia Digital marketer

Printed 2029-12-20

There are countless ways you can start social media promotion on the Internet, but not all of them are effective. As a marketer, you have a limited amount of time per day and a limited budget for work, not to mention the need to get the best possible results. 

So, you will look for the most effective tactics for working in social networks. Although this “effectiveness” can be determined in several ways, one of the most important for the SMM agency is the profitability of investments: how good a certain tactic is compared to the efforts necessary for it implementation? 

The next six promotion tactics on social networks give one of the most “profitable results”, giving you the largest reach and involvement with the least amount of initial investment:

1. Content Generation and Promotion

It's good if you already use a content marketing strategy. If not, then you definitely need to start - because one of the most important mechanics in social networks is the promotion of your materials. 

Whenever you post a new post, use your channels on social networks to increase its popularity. This will provide several useful things for your business: you will attract more traffic to your post, achieve greater reach (especially if this post is published in the feed rather than purely advertising) and encourage greater customer loyalty (especially with constant updates), and all of this can help improve your SEO. It's best for your promotion to begin in the first few minutes as soon as your post is released. 

2. Content redistribution

Content promotion is then necessary to make fresh publication accessible to more people, and content redistribution is a story about maximizing the value of your old posts. It is recommended that you keep a list of your “up-to-date” content blocks and periodically publish them one at a time. 

This will help to regularly update your accounts on social networks and maximize the long-term value of each “eternal post” that you create. The trick is to determine the right time and do your posts so that your subscribers are not tired of seeing the same things over and over again. Moreover, this strategy does not require a lot of time or money. 

3. Discussions for engagement

Post discussions can attract more people to your brand and keep their attention for a long time. A new discussion in the news feed gives strangers the opportunity to take personal part, while older subscribers who participate in the discussion will feel like they are an even stronger part of your community, leading to increased loyalty, traffic and conversions in the future. 

Your approach to engaging in a discussion should vary; sometimes you can discover an interesting industry discussion and express your own opinion. Sometimes you come up with your own discussion topic and ask your audience directly. 

4. Influence marketing

Influencer marketing wins only because of its potential. Although there are several potential tactics here, everyone has the same basic function; you will somehow attract an influential person and use his fame, earning the best reputation for your company and, possibly, getting some of his subscribers. 

With 100,000 subscribers, even a 1% conversion means 1,000 new subscribers for your account. Your approach can be as simple or complex as you want; sometimes even such a simple action as posting a post or answering a question will be enough to give you the coverage you need. 

5. Live content

The world of social networks is rapidly shifting towards real-time interaction with platforms and technologies that support such capabilities. Your users want to know what is happening now, so why not give them this? 

Live broadcasts in the context of a forum or event can be extremely effective ways to interact with your customers - they give the first person a sense of the active participation of your company and require only a few minutes of your time to establish this connection. 

6. Competitions

Competitions are effective because the promise of a prize or reward leads to more active and willing participation, and users are more likely to share your materials, which will make the post more visible. Using contests is especially effective when they use means of user-generated content - for example, a photo contest. 

In any case, the money you pay for the prize will be small compared to the benefits that you will receive due to the growth of your audience and reach. 

Among the many strategies for social networks that you can use, these six guarantee you the best results in terms of time spent and money investments. Although these steps should not be the only ones in your social media marketing campaign, they should be prioritized. Use them as an integral part of your marketing strategy. 

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