Where to go: Vkontakte or Facebook

Where to go: Vkontakte or Facebook

Mercedes or BMW? Vkontakte or Facebook? ... Briefly about what is the fundamental difference between these two social networks and how to choose a priority from them
Michael CEO&Founder

Printed 2019-07-20

Mercedes or BMW? VKontakte or Facebook? ... Briefly about what is the fundamental difference between these two social networks and how to choose a priority one from them. 

Features of VKontakte

  • The largest coverage: 70 million people (2016)
  • A lot of bots and fakes
  • Mostly young audience
  • It's easy to get subscribers
  • Weak audience participation

Although there is an opinion that Vkontakte only sit shko flaxes, this is not true. Schoolchildren are, of course, there; but the number of Vkontakte users is so great that there are still more adults and solvent people (in absolute terms) among them than on any other social network. 

Vkontakte is ideal for promotion through entertainment communities, for recruiting subscribers through Crops and competitions and sweepstakes. Vkontakte targeted advertising is effective on some topics. 


Vkontakte audience demographic statistics

Facebook features

  • High audience quality (age and ability to pay)
  • Almost no bots and fakes
  • Very powerful targeting tools
  • It's hard to get subscribers
  • High audience engagement
  • Avalanche-like dissemination of information < / li>

The promotion strategy on Facebook necessarily includes paid ools most social networks, because without infusion of funds your publications almost not even see your own subscribers. At first glance, this is disappointing, but in fact, the invested money pays off with interest due to the incredibly accurate targeting system, which allows you to select an audience by interests, position, purchasing power and hundreds of other parameters. 

Instagram advertising is integrated with the Facebook advertising account, so the targeting tools can be applied to Instagram. 

In general, we can say that Facebook is a necessary tool for promoting goods or services in the middle and high price segment, as well as in the B2B sphere. 

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