Illumina Creative project: Istrian Pizzeria Casa Della Pizza Website

Istrian Pizzeria Casa Della Pizza Website.

Website design for the Istrian pizzeria Casa Della Pizza.

Italian notes are noticeable in the design of the main page of the site.

When creating the site design a convenient and simple order form has been made.

A bit unusual pizza contact design.

When the pizza house Casa Della Pizza came to us to order the development of a website s design , the two main tasks were, firstly, to make the site look tasty and mouth-watering, provoking the purchase of delicious pizza, and secondly, to give the user a simple, intuitive and convenient interface .

Based on the results of using the site by the customer, we can conclude that the tasks have been solved quite successfully. We continued to work with the company and currently provide site support services.

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«We got about 20 drafts of the logo, of which two were chosen for study. Calligraphy turned out beautiful, but I still chose a more classic logo with the PL sign »
Dmitry Agadzhanov (General Director of Pokupalylux LLC).
«All 4 variants of the RestoRus logo really liked. We hardly agreed with the general one which one to choose :) »
Vadim Zuykov (CEO of NTA Event Media Group).