Illumina Creative project: Law Firm Website Redesign

Law Firm Website Redesign.

Dviteks Law Firm contacted us to redesign its corporate website. The goal was not only updating the appearance and creating a more stylish and modern website design, but also increasing the conversion and the level of visitor confidence. Here's what was done:

  • Together with the marketer, a sketch was created for a new selling website home page;
  • A website home page design was developed;
  • A design was drawn for each a substantial internal resource page;
  • All pages are adaptively folded using HTML5 + CSS3 + JS and bootstrap technologies;

 During the redesign, conversion elements were added that increase sales from the site and make it more convenient for users.

Click on the image to view the layout.

The project began with a proposal on home page layout. Together with the marketer, we created a random sketch with the structure of the future layout.

 A set of all internal pages and forms has been developed. The unique design for each of these pages has turned the site into a convenient and interesting tool for both the company and its customers.

 The site was redesigned using photos from a photo shoot of employees and the Moscow office of the company.

Added conversion elements and blocks created by landing principles page, which increase the trust of visitors and increase the number of requests from the site.

 Light and stylish fonts were chosen.

< img src = "/static/img/content/portfolio/old/dvitex7p.png" alt = ""> CTA (call-to-action) elements have a special emphasis.

State, legal, accounting and generally any topic related to some "officialdom" is usually characterized by dry presentation. In the appearance of website design , this manifests itself as huge canvases of texts, sparingly diluted with photographs (which are usually loosely connected with the text). In this project, we tried to design the Dviteks website in such a way that it would obviously be a new generation law firm!

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