Illumina Creative project: Redesign of the website of the network of English schools

Redesign of the website of the network of English schools.

The head of the network of English schools, Anatoly Sandursky, approached us with a problem: the season is coming, and the old version of the site is so outdated that it makes no sense to launch Yandex.Direct on it. We solved the question:

  • We created a completely new website design;
  • We worked on all the internal sections and subsections, turning them into landing pages;
  • We made a cross-browser layout all updated pages ;;
  • We created an adaptive mobile version of the site s pages.

 Click on the picture, to see the layout.
The FD-English school chain has become our fourth client in the field of teaching English. Website development took a long time, but all the smallest details important for high conversion were verified.

Website templates can be viewed at the links:

School services are designed for children, and the site is for parents. Everything is thought out.

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