Illumina Creative project: Redesign of the Lexicon English School website

Redesign of the Lexicon English School website.

Home page. The main advantages and distinctive features of the studio are presented in a bright and clear form.

Site of the elite English language studio "Lexicon". Concept, creation of website design and style-forming elements, HTML + JS layout.

 Home page. The main advantages and distinguishing features of the studio are presented in a bright and clear form.

The design of the main page in the Landing Page format and the design of more than 20 internal pages of the site have been developed. Teachers and students participated in a photo shoot and became part of the studio s website.

Some templates:

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Page teacher

< p> The design of the internal sections of the site and block with interactive onla n-test.

A design has been prepared for more than 20 internal pages, as well as all the necessary pop-ups and forms.

 Large format slides for the main page of the site.

< p> Style elements: corporate identity, font layout , interactive elements.

Teachers and students in class worked in photo shoots and became part of the studio s website.

Audio feedback

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Now it s practically no secret to anyone that when ordering a website design it is necessary to reserve a part of resources (both monetary and temporary) for the site design phase. In fact, website design development cannot be considered just a development of its visual design : The thought-out logic of the visitor s behavior on the site is of paramount importance.Only correctly designed site will allow the user to easily and conveniently find the necessary information, It will allow you to intelligently organize traffic on the site, redirecting visitors from the entrance pages to the purchase pages (for this purpose, Landing Pages, i.e. landing pages, are basically made).

When website redesign the English language studio took into account both the principles of organizing information flows and the characteristics of the audience. The most interesting for the customer were high-income customers who were willing to pay well for quality services and excellent service. The created visual appearance of the site reflects all these properties: European minimalism combined with high-quality typography and accurate illustrations allows you to give the visitor a sense of reliability and convince him that he came to the address.

It is not so important whether you order website design for English courses or some other: a high-quality project is always done according to similar and fairly simple principles.

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