Illumina Creative project: Aircraft manufacturer website

Aircraft manufacturer website.


Project specialities:

The aviation industry is something special: we did not meet such a strict and clear approach in other B2B companies and, especially, B2C

Christina Account Director
  • Expectations
  • Reality

Main task: show the experience and scale of the company



Modern block design + a bit of infographic


Page layouts

Designed 10 sections of the site

How to make a website for a market leader

In B2B you need to be very careful with all kinds of marketing techniques. What is abnormal in B2C here can scare off and create the impression of frivolity . Therefore, CTA (call-to-action, calls to action) we unobtrusively scattered throughout the site: for example, on the page of each article or news, as in the screenshot.

From the very beginning we thought out a SEO-friendly structure site. Now the site is in TOP3 ... TOP5 of Yandex.

The site turned out to be solid, but airy. How do we know :)

An interesting point about marketing packaging: although IAC Aero customers are other companies (aviation centers, airlines, etc.), feedback should be from pilots. From those who are the direct operator of the product.

Like everything in aviation, the technical task is maximally crisp and clear.

The site works on the Bitrix 1C control system. IAC Aero managers can easily and conveniently add new company products, reviews, write news, and update any information into the system.

Of course, there were some edits. All customer wishes are taken into account, the design was adopted the second time.

To better understand each other, coordinate the progress of the project and improvements, held several meetings with a field trip to the village of Shishkin forest in the Moscow region.

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