Illumina Creative project: Marble worktops website directory

Marble worktops website directory.

St. Petersburg company "Stone Coast" sells countertops and other stone products. In the Illumina Creative studio, the site of Kamenniy Bereg was completely redone, becoming a modern mobile-friendly catalog:

  • We developed prototypes of the main page and internal;
  • We developed a selling and convenient site design;
  • We adapted the design for mobile phones and tablets;
  • Integrated the site with CMS 1C-Bitrix: Standard
  • Prepared the project for SEO-promotion.

 Click on the image to view the layout.
As always in Illumina Creative studio, site development was carried out taking into account the target audience (middle and high income people) and using the company's corporate identity.

 The site has become easy and convenient. Marble countertops are an important element of the interior, and you need to sell them on the site with a great design!

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«There are many leads, the sales department is barely in time »
Julia Chebotareva (Marketing Manager (EUROKAPPA), Marketing Director (Eastetica)).
«We started with the usual Landing + Yandex.Direct set, but in the end we switched to the format of a large site. Contextual advertising began to work better! »
Alex (AppCafe, CEO).