Illumina Creative project: Wholesale B2B Wood Material Supplier Website

Wholesale B2B Wood Material Supplier Website.

A corporate directory website for a b2b company has been developed, which is engaged in the wholesale supply of chipboard and other wood materials.

 the main page was a stylized oil painting. Since the customer s site is in the b2b category, an association of the second or third level was chosen for illustration.

 In addition to the site, the company s corporate identity was created: brand book, letterhead, souvenir products.

During the work on the project, the design of all the main sections of the site was created additional pages, pop-ups, and forms.

Process created I logo.

Business, customers who are not natural persons, and other companies (b2b), has many unique features. They also appear in the site design : since site visitors will be mainly people of a certain social status and affluence, we avoided rude techniques associated with various promotions when designing the site and other unpleasant marketing gimmicks.

However, since potential customers of the company often have a shortage of time and want to make a decision as quickly as possible, certain conversion elements and CTA need to be placed, and quite noticeable. However, these are not put to basket buttons and the like that would be appropriate on the website of a retail online store, but motivation to call and various forms of contact capture.

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«Our niche is rather compact, and with the help and guidance of Illumina Creative we managed to overtake all the competitors. Website optimization is perfect, as well as the traffic growth »
Alex (AppCafe, CEO).
«The second iteration was much better. The issues uncovered after the first design sprint were completely sorted out, so basically I'm pretty satisfied with the website development process »
Eduard Gafarov (Founder and director of the weapons company EdGun). The thing was to accompany the huge spare parts catalogue with selected premium goods and develop a solid website