Illumina Creative project: The largest 3D-drawing in Russia

The largest 3D-drawing in Russia.

Customer - National Rental Company - leases heavy construction equipment. For the design of the exhibition booth in Crocus City, the New Time agency contacted us. The concept of 3D advertising was developed and a layout was created. The result was the largest 3D-drawing in Russia ...

Thanks to Dmitry Maznev, Sergey Letunov, Konstantin Mosin, Alexey Mironov, Eugene Bryantsev, Alexander Kozlov and Natalya Andrianov.

The project got life only thanks to the joint efforts of many people.

 A print layout of several hundred square meters required a detailed study.

< p>  The perfect work with textures and chiaroscuro is a merit of technical designer Evgeny Bryantsev.

First concept sketch ...

... and its approved appearance.

And it could have been like that.

 Color sketches for the 3D modeler.

 We photographed the NRC technique, and Alexey Mironov made perfect vector illustrations from our photos.

 Test print layout. The upper part of the picture is on a vertical surface, and the lower part is distorted in a special way so that the picture looks whole.

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