Illumina Creative project: Integrated promotion of a mobile application site service for restaurants

Integrated promotion of a mobile application site service for restaurants.


Project specialities:

We are faced with the problem of unformed demand: the product is new and unknown. Therefore, we didn t have to rely on hot advertising campaigns (when the client himself is looking for what we sell)

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Cost of lead

Due to the semantics and optimization of campaigns, we reduced CPL by 42% in 3 month


Creatives for YAN

As always in B2B, quiet creatives (# 1) worked better than aggressive ones



< p class = "slider__text"> Redesigning the site allowed us to increase conversion 2.6 times

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Near-thematic semantics

Traffic search campaigns worked well


Marketing Single funnel

Revenue from advertising in 5 times its value


Since hot traffic for requests of the form "mobile the app for the restaurant "was very small, we focused on thematic campaigns: the main goal was to" hook "the restaurateur or manager, even if he was not looking for anything related to mobile applications. The result was a high failure rate.

Interestingly, despite the bounce rate of 40 ..60% for some advertising campaigns, the conversion remained quite acceptable.

When we designed and launched a new large site instead of landing, the conversion managed to reach 6.6%, increasing it by more than 2.5 times compared with the one that was at the start of work. The reason is that selling a complex and yet unknown product (especially in the B2B sphere and especially in the HoReCa segment) requires more time and information than a single-page website can provide.

We managed to lower the cost of the application from 1,500 to 860 rubles also thanks to detailed analytics at the campaign and keyword level. We carefully analyzed all paid traffic, strengthening those channels that gave more cheap conversions.

Contrary to our expectations, there were more search traffic. Partly because we very carefully cleaned all the "left" sites in YAN (, for example).

The AppCafe project is a great illustration of how important an integrated approach to marketing. Only the simultaneous study of the site, and advertising, and the finalization of the product could give a powerful joint effect.

PS Some of the numbers in the case description have been changed. The essence remains the same.

Part I: mobile app builder site

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