Illumina Creative project: Portal Design for Chefs

Portal Design for Chefs.

One of the projects of the NTA Event Media Group company provides chefs and other restaurant business professionals with a convenient platform for communication. A site concept has been developed that is still unrealized.

 The most important page on the site: the chef's personal blog. Designed for each individual character.

Logo in development.

 Wine Blog.

< a href = "/static/img/content/portfolio/old/chef3.jpg" target = "blanc"> Bar and alcohol blog.

 Templates for the main and additional pages of the site.

 Thumbnails of the logo. The customer is very fond of the artichoke :)

NTA Event Media Group decided to order the design of the site, conceived as a portal or mini-social network for a meeting of restaurant business professionals. A chef, restaurateur or housewife can meet on the pages of the portal and find common topics for discussion.

The creation of website design began with the development of a logo; several variants of the logo concept were proposed, from which a stylized artichoke, beloved by many chefs, was chosen.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that site design was created , including the design of blogs, special sections and user profiles, the project has not yet reached implementation.

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«We chose Illumina Creative to design our website at first and started with a landing page. Though the agency navigated us that a SEO-optimized website with plenty of pages would be much more profitable. They delivered search engine marketing as well, with every aspect on time and on budget. »
Alex (AppCafe, CEO).
«All 4 variants of the RestoRus logo really liked. We hardly agreed with the general one which one to choose :) »
Vadim Zuykov (CEO of NTA Event Media Group).