Illumina Creative project: SEO for a Porsche car service company

SEO for a Porsche car service company.


Project specialities:

We knew that the competition in the topic was high, and how crazy worked out every service, every detail of the car to the smallest detail - and the result was not long in coming

Alex Head of Development
  • Expectations
  • Reality


First of all, we redesigned the design and structure of the site


in TOP of search

Even for high-frequency phrases we are in stable top 3

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Traffic and conversions

Over 4 months, they increased the conversion by 70%

How we overclocked Porsche

Here is the site of the technical center Ms-Avto before our technical director Alexei accidentally drove in to repair his Cayenne ... has been around for many years, however, Yandex and Google left the positions in search to wish for the best. We carried out the following works:

  • We redesigned the site to be responsive and convenient;
  • We selected a broad semantic core of more than 10 thousand queries;
  • We created a tree structure of the site and a map of linking;
  • They filled the site with SEO-optimized articles with keywords on the company's services.

  • Before we engage in promotion, we completely redesigned the site: made it clean, modern, stylish and solid.

    The most important page of the new site is the page of a separate service. It is the service pages (several hundred!) That will become landing pages and will take over the main traffic.

    For each service, for each Porsche model we made their own photoset and wrote unique texts. It is this approach to detail (both in design and in the content of the site) that made it possible to enter the TOP and simultaneously increase its conversion.

    Broad semantics that take into account all possible requests of potential customers , and a powerful internal redistribution made it possible to get a jump in traffic within a month and a half after the launch of the new version of the site.

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    «There are many leads, the sales department is barely in time »
    Julia Chebotareva (Marketing Manager (EUROKAPPA), Marketing Director (Eastetica)).
    «When I look at the profile of the instagrams you created, everything turns out very high quality, and the information magazine is not stuck with itself and we print our work. Posts are getting more sophisticated and more refined, thanks! »
    Ruslana Ilyinskaya (General Director of Ilyinskaya Architectural Studio LLC).