Illumina Creative project: SMM-promotion of the architectural studio

SMM-promotion of the architectural studio.


Project specialities:

We focused on visual content. And to distinguish themselves from others, they added expert copyright posts

Julia Digital marketer
  • Expectations
  • Reality


Thematic posts and professional competencies


Content plan

Balance of sales, information and (even ) entertainment content



Historical and educational posts



Creatives for targeted advertising: stories and posts


Subscribers growth

The profile is untwisted from scratch


Marketing funnel

Estimated income is 9 times higher than the cost of our services and advertising

Promotion bricks

Since we are promoting the service visual (design -project of a house or apartment), then in the content the main emphasis, of course, is on the visual: juicy and detailed tenders from Lana's portfolio.

We came up with the author's heading "#brick madness" in which we collect unusual and funny examples of brick buildings and art objects.

We brought thematic topics that are important for the customer and his hashtags (about 20 hashtags in total).

We selected several global audiences for paid targeted advertising: these are people with interests in real estate, owners of construction companies, people with high incomes (and, of course, suitable for geolocation).

In targeted advertising, it is most effective (with the cost of the application less than 1000 rubles) showed direct lead generation through the Lid form on Instagram story. We used the simplest lead magnet: the pdf portfolio of the architect.

Although our goal was mainly to attract customers, rather than promoting the profile as such, we managed to gain an involved and geo-targeted audience (Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai). Of course, the majority of subscribers do not bring orders, but work as brand advocates , creating activity.

The most important (even necessary!) condition for successful promotion Is a person. In social networks, subscribers want to read a living person, not a soulless LLC. Therefore, all posts are in the first person, despite the fact that business is being promoted, and not just a personal brand.

PS Some of the numbers in the case description have been changed. The essence remains the same.

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«Our niche is rather compact, and with the help and guidance of Illumina Creative we managed to overtake all the competitors. Website optimization is perfect, as well as the traffic growth »
Alex (AppCafe, CEO).
«Thank you for YouTube videos on the PPC advertising. We managed to start ads by ourselves and then became your client »
Denis Bushmakin (Project Manager Vesrabotatut.rf).