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The attention of the mobile phone user is scattered by numerous offers of products and services. How can you get the attention of consumers?
Alex Head of Development

Printed 2012-11-20

The attention of a mobile phone user is now more than ever scattered by numerous offers of all kinds of products and services. There are so many companies and offers that it is often very difficult to distinguish between them. 

Let's see how you can attract the attention of consumers so that they not only buy from you once, but continue to remain loyal to your company? The point is not limited to ordering a turnkey website , making a mobile application and letting it go. Attracting an audience through a smartphone is undoubtedly not an easy task, but quite feasible. 

Here are a few strategies that will help increase the engagement of mobile device users and allow you to be interesting to your audience. 


User behavior in your mobile application and on the mobile version of the site will help you understand the effectiveness of your actions. This data is easily accessible thanks to various analytics systems and will allow you to find out which offers are most attractive to users and which do not work. Thanks to this, you will be able to adapt future promotions accordingly, modify the interface of the application and the site to ensure greater involvement and conversion. 

Offer for social networks

Social networks have become an excellent channel for promotion and can further expand your scope, since now there is an army of people who can advertise you - repost and comment on posts. Consider giving your mobile app users some kind of free bonus or the opportunity to win a prize if they share a post mentioning your company and some brand hashtag on their profile on Instagram, Vkontakte or Facebook. This will engage their subscribers in your marketing funnel and increase your reach. 


The movement of the client on the funnel should occur with the touches of your social networks, mobile application, using geolocation and any contact points. In order for you to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, your customers must gain positive experience at all points of contact with your brand. Studies have shown that the more channels are involved in communicating with a client, the more valuable such a client is: he spends an average of 4% more for each purchase in an offline store and 10% more for online purchases than the client who was involved only one channel. The key to creating this useful cross-channel interaction is the use of data collected on mobile devices and other platforms (for example, via the Facebook pixel). 

Constantly updating offers

The more relevant the offers that you offer to users of a mobile application or site, the more they will use them - and here customer data will come in handy again . Using PUSH notifications and Apple Pay and Google Pay payment systems, marketers can create very attractive offers that the user can use here and now. For example, 56% of smartphone users do not turn off PUSH notifications, so by integrating them into your mobile marketing strategy, you can reach a significant number of people. But so that the offers are fresh and interesting, be sure to update them. Try using, in particular, seasonal offers and birthday bonuses. 


Keep people informed

Another opportunity for mobile marketing is transactional messaging. These messages will allow you to stay in touch with your customers during the order process. An example would be order tracking; a series of transactional SMS or notifications may include confirmation of the order with a subsequent message about when it will be delivered, and confirmation when it was actually delivered. Since people check their messages more often than they do their email, this is a great way to give them the most up-to-date order information and therefore create even more confidence in your brand. 

With more purchases from mobile devices, mobile marketing requires more diligence and constant effort. But if you pay enough attention to it and monitor how users react to changes, the result will not be long in coming. 

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