Differences of a site from a mobile application

Differences of a site from a mobile application

85% of users prefer to use mobile applications rather than mobile versions of sites. Why?
Alex Head of Development

Printed 2012-09-20

According to a survey conducted by Compuware, 85% of users prefer to use mobile applications rather than mobile versions of sites. This is due to the convenience, speed and ease of use. However, it is important to consider all the pros and cons in combination with business requirements in each case.  Order turnkey website development with integrated adaptive version or create a separate mobile application? Let's figure out how to make a choice. 

Advantages of the application

One of the main advantages of a mobile application over a mobile or adaptive version of a website is that when developing a mobile application you can use the built-in functionality of the phone's hardware. For example, most smartphones have built-in accelerometers, cameras, GPS and gyroscopes. 

- second, a mobile or adaptive site always requires an Internet connection, but a mobile application can sometimes do without it. Many applications can store data locally on the phone, and you can continue to use the application, even if there is no network connection. 

A good example of this feature is the Daily Mail app. When a user opens this application, it immediately connects to the Internet to download all updated data and images for offline use, notifying the user of the completion of the synchronization process. After that, today's newspaper will be downloaded to your phone without having to connect to the Internet. This content will remain in the application until the next synchronization with the Internet. 

Pro et Contra

Creating mobile applications is gradually becoming much easier due to the fact that the main operating systems provide developers with free frameworks and tools for developing applications. However, there are also some cases where creating a mobile site may turn out to be a better solution. 

The conclusion about whether to choose a mobile application or site will depend on a number of factors: target audience, affordable budget, purpose, and necessary functions. 

Things to consider

When developing an application, you need to consider every platform on which it will be available, and this can increase development and support costs. Keep in mind that (this is true for responsive sites) there is only one version of your site that you need to support. You may also find that your website receives a lot of traffic from the Internet from mobile devices, which gives the mobile site priority over the application. 

Another important element to consider as part of your strategy. Once you have decided on a mobile application, an adaptive website, or perhaps both, you will need a clear plan to drive traffic to your mobile website or application. This is especially important if you intend to use mobile platforms to gain new sources of revenue or increase brand loyalty. 

Mobile applications and mobile sites have similarities and differences; Companies that want to take advantage of the boom of mobile devices need to think about how a particular solution will help them achieve their business goals. 

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