UX agencies in Chicago

UX agencies in Chicago

An overview of the Top-10 UI UX design agencies in Chicago
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Printed 2021-04-15

The importance of the user experience grows as each new generation of online users gains purchasing power. Online users expect intuitive and seamless online experiences. Finding the right companies to make this possible for your website is important.

To help you find a partner, we've put together this list of the top UX agencies Chicago. Browse descriptions, feedback, and awards to find which best fit your business needs.

Eye-catching graphics, memorable branding and smooth, interactive digital experiences are just a few reasons why brands invest time, money and the best creative minds behind design. From graphic and web design to user experience (UX), design is an integral part of any brand's identity.

Design agencies work with businesses and organizations to create and update the look of brands and interact with their audiences, providing a myriad of services that often go beyond typical design work. Chicago is a known hub of creative and digital agencies, many of which specialize in design solutions and services. To narrow down the agency landscape, we've compiled a list of 11 Chicago design agencies you need to know.

How to choose a UX / UI Design Agency in Chicago


A UX design agency should be aware of your goals and issues as they are the ones that will solve your issues on the way to your goals. If the agency has clients in your industry, they will better understand your needs.


The website / application design is a comprehensive project, and the UX design is only part of it. The agency should be able to design the entire website and mobile application together with the UX project.


The best UI/UX design agency Chicago is constantly changing as customer or user behavior is constantly evolving. Designers and agencies that plan to survive in the future of UX design must follow the latest trends.


Before deciding which Chicago UX design agency to work with, get acquainted with that agency's workflow and be aware of what and when they will do for you.


A portfolio is the best way to see an agency's skills and experience. The best option is to visit an agency's website to understand their approach to UX design projects. You can also check the agency's Dribbble and Behance profile.


Design projects include many revisions. Even with a perfect UX design agency, it's clear you won't be happy with the first draft. It would be better if you were on the same page as your budget and what's included in it.

Best UI/UX design agencies in Chicago

Beyond design

Beyond Design, Inc. is a strategic design consultancy specializing in new product development (NPD). Based in Chicago, our expertise includes: engineering research and strategy, industrial design, graphical user interface (GUI) user experience, and manufacturing engineering. We create design solutions that help drive innovation for our customers and connect with end users for market success.

Creatix, Inc.

Creatrix® Inc. specializes in systems architecture, software engineering, systems engineering and systems integration and has expertise in biometrics, verification, credentials and case management. For more than a decade, Creatrix has been able to deliver effective solutions across industries and technologies using our technological acumen and understanding of business needs. We offer our customers the ability to do big business and the agility of small business.


We develop data-driven, design-conscious web business solutions that make your company bulletproof. Our tailor-made, web-based software uses your unique business resources to transform your business - in terms of efficiency, stability, profitability and customer satisfaction. Since 2002, the Chicago-based company Tecture has combined down-to-earth business know-how, serious data and development problems, and sophisticated UX design to develop solutions for successful companies.

Innovations Applied LLC

I think it was a big benefit to us and our Honda customers that these guys were turnkey with a customizable streaming solution. They quickly delivered the look and feel of web browsing and a fast, reliable and fully redundant system that ran flawlessly for nine weeks and over fifty live webinars, streamed to thousands of viewers. What distinguishes them is the experience in the industry. They ask all the right questions.

Pandera Labs

We foster an innovation-driven culture to provide our customers with the solutions they need to improve performance. When we combine our skills and approach with extensive industry knowledge and experience, we provide customers with an unparalleled level of competitiveness.

Lincoln Loop

Since 2007, the focus on quality in an agile environment has helped many startups and high traffic sites grow their businesses. In addition to robust backends powered by Python, we provide real-time user experience, application deployment and development with JavaScript. We actively contribute to the open source ecosystem and sponsor members of the Python Software Foundation and the Django Software Foundation.

Digital intent

Digital Intent is a consulting and product development firm, using our unique blend of business consulting, venture capital, startup and academic backgrounds to help businesses grow. DI can help you design innovative technology products, combine them with winning business models and reduce the risk of adoption in the market by using a rigorous venture capital approach to find market fit and scale. some products.

Solstice Mobile

In the real world, you don't need to make big promises about the transformation or the endless “explorations” that accompany it. You need progress. You need a clear path to new market shares - today. You need better ways to get the most out of data in your company. You need new products and experiences that can be designed, built, deployed, and improved in less time and with greater insight. Whatever the process of creating new value for your business, it will not be achieved through conversation alone.

Thirdwave, LLC

Our experienced team, architects and engineers with personality, work in a collaborative environment that enables us to promote best practices and creative excellence. We are amazing learners, natural problem solvers, and meticulous programmers. Our collective experience and knowledge are our foundation and get stronger with every new challenge.

Indigo design

Indigo Design Company is a Chicago, IL-based advertising agency specializing in web design, development, and search engines.

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