Modern website design

Modern website design

The modern design of the site allows new Internet resources to quickly capture the audience, and the old ones - to surprise fans and become trendy
Dennis WEB designer

Printed 2013-04-20

The modern design of the site allows new Internet resources to quickly capture the audience, and the old ones - to surprise fans and become trendy. When ordering a modern design for a site, the client gets the opportunity to make it more accessible, informative, vibrant and understandable for visitors. To always be on top of ratings, it is important to periodically update the appearance of the resource. 

Both fashionable and functional

The trends on the Internet, as in the world of fashion, are constantly changing. Users in recent years have given preference to responsive design resources. The reason for this is the ability to work effectively on the site from any mobile or stationary device. But modern website design is not only functionality. This year the following trends are trending:

  • Application of UI templates; 
  • Vivid animation; 
  • Microinteractions between elements; 
  • Material and responsive design; 
  • Flat design in the principles of minimalism. 

This design system was required because mobile applications and sites have evolved from some addition to regular websites into their integral part. 

Modern UI templates in design

Modern techniques in website design < / div>

When creating sites in a popular style, the following techniques are often used:

  • Scrolling - the page is divided into zones, becoming more accessible
  • Hamburger menu - simplicity with highlighting the main elements
  • Card template - a modern website design in 2016 that allows you to quickly find information
  • Using HD images is a great way to attract users. 

Modern techniques in website design: tiled metro style

Tiled website design (block, METRO style) from modern Windows 8

Modern website design: pluses

Some trends come for a long time, others turn out to be only seasonal trends. If you want to order a modern website design , we will provide you with examples of the best works of 2016. You will be able to choose for yourself such an appearance of the site that will massively attract users, make the Internet resource bright, emotional and will not reduce its speed. 

Latest works:

«We got about 20 drafts of the logo, of which two were chosen for study. Calligraphy turned out beautiful, but I still chose a more classic logo with the PL sign »
Dmitry Agadzhanov (General Director of Pokupalylux LLC).
«The Illumina agency was fabulous, highly professional partners. Their work led to a strong inbound leads flow via the PPC and other sources. Now my ads are completely controllable and I enable it once looking for new students »
Maria Tretyakova (Language teacher).