How to Transfer a Website to WordPress

How to Transfer a Website to WordPress

If you have a static site or, for example, a site on the designer, then one day you will wonder: how to transfer a site to WordPress?
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Printed 2006-04-20

This is necessary in order to be able to regularly update information, edit the site and not pay a subscription fee to the “designer" service. 

In the simplest case, when you do not care about the appearance of the site, just find on the Internet a ready-made template for wordpress that suits you in structure. They are paid, are free. When you get a template and install it on a hosting, you just need to enter all the information from the old site manually.

Website transfer with redesign

A more expensive but reasonable option is to combine the site transfer with the redesign. At least a partial update of the appearance is always useful, and in this case organically fits into the task. 

The procedure will be as follows:

  • Write down the logical structure of the old site
  • Give the designer a task to create new layouts of key pages (those that require separate templates)
  • Make ready-made layouts in HTML templates (need a layout designer)
  • Integrate a new layout with WordPress (need a programmer)
  • Transfer content from the old site to the new one. 

This, of course, is a fairly voluminous work, even for a small site. But in the end you will get a practically new Internet project with a fresh design. 

In addition, we recommend that you consider other options: since you are thinking about how to transfer your site to WordPress, why not choose a more reliable and powerful management system? In its basic version, the same Bitrix, for example, costs very little money (the cost is comparable to the cost of hosting for a year). Well, if you plan turnkey website development , of course, it will be higher. 

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