How to find out which engine the site is made on

How to find out which engine the site is made on

If you do not own a site, you may want to know what engine this site is made on
Alex Head of Development

Printed 2009-03-20

If you don't own any site, you may want to find out on which engine this site is made. This problem arises in different cases:

  • This is your competitor, and you are interested in what his site is working on; 
  • You liked the site and you want to make your own on the same platform; 
  • The creator of your site has disappeared along with information about which CMS the site is running on; 
  • You are a site developer, and a client has asked you to remake the site, but He doesn't know what his site is working on. 

There are several ways to find out the truth. 

1C-Bitrix and WordPress

First, you need to check out the two most popular engines. These are Bitrix and Wordpress. 

Bitrix will show up if you add “/ bitrix / admin” to the site address. For example, like this: 

If this opens the entrance to the admin panel, then the problem is solved: the site on Bitrix! 

It should be noted that sometimes (very rarely) to protect against hacking, programmers change the login address of the Bitrix admin panel, and it cannot be found at this address. 

If Bitrix is __not found, try appending “/ wp-admin” to the site address. For example, like this: Perhaps, the WP admin panel login will open, and the search will end

Other CMS

Iterating over all the other CMS in this way for a long time, it is better to textge the automatic system. It checks for files specific to a particular control system. 

For example, you can use these services:

Keep in mind that sometimes it's impossible to find out which engine the site is made on: it can be a rare or “Self-written” control system that cannot be recognized. And some sites work without an engine at all. 

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