How to choose a web studio?

How to choose a web studio?

There are several thousand studio site dealers in Russia. And everyone promises "the best conditions" ... How to recognize fraudsters and amateurs?
Arthur PHP developer

Printed 2006-07-20

1. Landingists

Around 2012, a global fashion came to Russia to create landing sites consisting of one selling page with a long scroll. In many ways, the well-known Business Youth programs have contributed to this. In this regard, a lot of web studios appeared, choosing landing pages as their only profile. Nevertheless, a landing page does not always solve business problems better than a multi-page website. Therefore, check:

  • The web-studio site should have rich internal content and not be one-page; 
  • The portfolio should contain not only landing pages, but also full-fledged multi-page sites. 
  • 2. Marketer's Power

    Most of our customers are business representatives. Therefore, it is logical that they solve their main task: they increase their profit by creating or redesigning the site. However, there are web studios in which the marketing services department is the basis of the entire company and strictly dictates its terms to the development and design departments. This often leads to sad consequences: there are few good marketers, and the rest think mostly in cliches ("do you need to make the buttons orange ..." - did you hear that?). 

    3. Freelancers

    Many are surprised to learn that we have our own production department (our own designers and programmers working in the office). The work of such a creative team is quite difficult to organize, and most small web studios use a simpler solution - they hire remote freelancers. It is simpler and cheaper. True, quality and deadlines may suffer. 

  • The web studio should have its own office; 
  • It is desirable that the studio's website has personalities of employees. 
  • 4. Megacorporations

    You can choose a web studio with many years of experience and thousands of completed projects. With a decent price tag and large customers. This is not a bad option, but check the following:

  • Make sure that you don't get into the "conveyor production" and you will be treated truly individually; 
  • Check not only the web studio portfolio cool sites for famous brands: see how it works with smaller customers. 
  • 5. With a finger in the sky

    What did you answer when you asked a question about the cost of services? There are companies where you (regardless of a specific task!) Will be called a price without justifying it. Most likely, this means that the studio is run by people who have little business knowledge. Do not trust them with your own. 

  • Ask for a price justification, ideally a detailed estimate; 
  • Pay attention to what questions the representative of the studio asks you: find out the complexity of the project or the size of your wallet? >

    6. Scammers

    "We will do everything in the best possible way! Skintte advance please." A little exaggerated, of course. But now there remain companies where the main activity is not the creation of sites, but the collection of prepayments from customers. Then there may be a long and painful development (and maybe nothing will happen). 

  • The studio should have the opportunity to work under the contract. The contract must specify the terms and responsibilities in case of their failure; 
  • It is good if the studio has general rules for working on the site. 
  • 7. Testimonials

    Do you want to choose a web studio with experience and reputation? Check what others are saying about her! 

  • The reviews section on the studio's website should contain video, audio reviews, text reviews and scans of thank-you notes; 
  • It is desirable that there be at least a few well-designed cases on important projects (with customer comments!); 
  • Check reviews of the studio not only on its website, but also in Yandex search. 
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