What information should be on the site?

What information should be on the site?

What information does the user need and what are the formal requirements
Lana Project Manager

Printed 2001-02-20

This question is often asked by customers who first turn to turnkey website development. We divide the answer into two parts: what information the user needs and what formal requirements are. 


Take for example a site selling some services. To understand what kind of information is definitely worth posting, we put ourselves in the place of a potential client who has visited the site. Here is an example of a list:

  • What kind of company is it and what it does
  • What services are offered
  • What are the prices
  • What is known about the company
  • How the offer differs from competitors
  • What are the working conditions
  • How to place an order
  • How to contact (contacts). 
  • Of course, in each case the list will be different. The main thing is to "go" for the client the way from entering the site to ordering and answer all questions. 

    Another way to make such a list is to study search queries in your subject through the wordstat.yandex.ru service. Making up the semantic core for the site, you can simultaneously determine the main content. 

    Formal requirements

    It all depends on the segment. If it is media, license information is required. The same applies to medical sites and the banking sector. 

    If the site has an application form (any form where the user is asked to leave a phone or other personal information), then there must be an agreement on the processing of personal data. 

    In some cases, the site must have an offer. 

    In general, if you are wondering what information should be on the site, you most likely do not fully imagine the goals that you set for the site.  Turnkey website development should begin with a detailed study of the tasks for which the site is being created. 

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