Quiz Landing - what is it

Quiz Landing - what is it

What is it and why has this kind of landing page become so popular?
Alex Head of Development

Printed 2012-03-20

The last time customers come with the intention of ordering a turnkey website , there is an increasing demand for creating a special quiz-landing within the site. What is it and why has this kind of landing page become so popular? 

The bottom line is in simple words

The word quiz means just an online survey. A quiz-landing is a page on the Internet that visitors get from advertising (for example, through targeting on social networks or Yandex.Direct) and on which, unlike ordinary landing pages, there is no detailed description of a product or service. Instead, the visitor is invited to take a small test or survey. 

The questions in this test are selected so that, in answering them, the visitor gives the site owner some description of himself as a client. In turn, the test is interesting for the visitor because after answering these questions he can be given a personal proposal (or given an answer to his question based on his answers). 


Quiz works well because it involves visitor to the game. Against the background of the same type of “landos” and aggressive selling pages, an innocent and interesting online test looks attractive. 

There is also an element of “reward”: at the end of the test, a small prize may be waiting for the client, for example, a personal discount, a useful check list or video. 


Thanks to the game mechanics and (at the beginning of 2019) unusualness, quiz-landings show a conversion that significantly exceeds the performance of most sites. For example, it can be 10-15% or more. 

You don't have to figure out what quiz landing is for a long time. It will take time to come up with the right questions and the mechanics of quiz and assemble it on the site (for this you can, by the way, use some of the ready-made embedded solutions). 

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