Do I need a management system for the site?

Do I need a management system for the site?

You can't just take and make a website. And forget about him
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Printed 2001-12-20

We all felt a sense of trepidation when we waited for what finally appeared that we had been waiting for so long. Whether it's the new iPhone, the new season of Game of Thrones, or the new version of your company website, the wait can take forever. The growing need for constant updating of your site means that it's not just just to order a turnkey site and forget about it: it requires constant attention and updating. So, there are increased requirements for the management system. 

This is especially important for the marketing department. The ability to use basic SEO tools to monitor page views, keywords and analyze search results allows marketers to understand exactly what your audience wants and adapt their marketing strategy accordingly. 

Probably that during the work of the company you have collected tons of diverse data that could easily be turned into content for the site, but for some reason almost no one can do it. As a result, this content is idle. Maybe it's time to use this data in a smart and effective way that helps your site drive more traffic. 

It is no secret that mechanical engineering and production are two industries that lag behind against the backdrop of the general “digital revolution". A good site content management system (CMS) allows several employees to edit pages and update information. Filling an existing site with dynamic content can take a lot of time, so if you are considering developing a site, there are a few questions that you need to clarify before starting the process. 

Content submission under the contract

If the developer spent many months creating a website for your company and you have a support agreement with him, then most likely he will edit and upload content. Many contracts have the condition that all changes on the site should be sent to the developer, and not downloaded individually by the customer's employees. But if you have the latest news and your web developer is on vacation, you will regret these conditions. 

The implementation of CMS allows you to publish, edit and modify content through a convenient interface. Good content management systems are usually very easy to use and do not require programming knowledge. 

How long does it take? 

Website developers usually work in one of two ways. After meeting with you in agreement with the terms of reference for the creation of the site, some of them will disappear for several weeks and return with the finished product. The problem with this approach is that a lot can change over this period of time, and your initial requirements may become irrelevant. 

Ideally, you should look for a developer who considers the process of creating a website as a long-term cooperation. Most likely, in the process of developing the site you will have ideas or suggestions, so you need someone who is willing to meet regularly and make the necessary changes to the design, content or functionality of the site. 

What is expected of us? 

In order for the site to properly present your company, a good contractor should take some kind of interview from employees. Whether it's the content for the About Us page or the case studies posted on the site, it is the employees who know their business and therefore can provide the most accurate information. 

You should begin the process of developing a site by figuring out how much time each employee should devote to this. And then organize their participation in the project accordingly. 

It must be remembered that if you have a CMS, you will manage the site and post updates yourself. Ask how your contractor will help the company adapt to the new site. For the successful implementation of a new site, it is important what level of developer participation will be after the site is completed. 

Remember that many people do not see future benefits from unpleasant ones and therefore resist them. However, most companies successfully use content management systems, and good web studios will support you before, during and after the transition period. 

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