What you need to create a site and where to start?

What you need to create a site and where to start?

What is needed to develop a site? There are several answer options that depend on the situation, task and scope of your project.
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Printed 2001-07-20

When asked about what is needed for turnkey website development , there are several answer options that depend on the situation, task and the scope of your project. 

A simple site on the constructor

If this is your first time doing this, it's easiest to use one of the popular online designers to create a site. In most cases, they will give you the opportunity to use the site for free for some time. To do this, you need to register on one of these services and, following the instructions, choose the appearance of the template for the site and enter on it the basic information in the form of texts and pictures. 

This very fast and inexpensive (although the second statement is debatable: a site created on the designer, you have to pay monthly. This is forever). There are two problems: firstly, the site will be template, “like everyone else”, it will be difficult to use it for sales and presentation of any serious services (unless, of course, you have designer talent). 

Secondly, if one day you want to transfer the site to your own platform, you will have to essentially create it from scratch: the project on the designer is tightly attached to the service that you used. 

A large project

If your task is to create a serious and high-quality website, then you will need a web studio (agency) or individual specialists:

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  • Marketer (make a prototype and site structure)
  • Web designer (draw beautiful layouts)
  • HTML layout (collect templates that will open both on a computer and on a mobile phone)
  • Programmer (set up a management system if you plan to regularly update the site). 
  • To begin creating the site, you need a brief or technical task in which The parameters of the future project are written: what is it about, what pages it consists of, what functions should be , and so on. 

    In addition, to make the site stylish, you need a ready-made logo. 

    In any case, to create a site, you must first of all have a clear understanding of the purpose for which you are creating it and the audience that you expect in the future. 

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    «I am grateful to all the employees of the Illumina Creative engaged in our project. Our corporate website development led to a high quality product that is now well above some competitors and the same level that others »
    Vyacheslav Krasnozhen (Founder of Modernization of Aviation Complexes LLC). Web development for the worldwide known company that develops aircraft simulators, especially for Boeing & Airbus
    «When I look at the profile of the instagrams you created, everything turns out very high quality, and the information magazine is not stuck with itself and we print our work. Posts are getting more sophisticated and more refined, thanks! »
    Ruslana Ilyinskaya (General Director of Ilyinskaya Architectural Studio LLC).