What is website promotion in search engines?

What is website promotion in search engines?

Everyone has heard about SEO right now, but what is website promotion, in simple words?
Julia SEO marketer

Printed 2001-05-20

Everyone has heard about SEO right now, but what is website promotion, in simple words? 


First, you need to understand that in the issuance of Yandex or Google, some of the links are paid (the owners of these sites pay for advertising through Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords, each paying click on their site). Influencing them (and putting your site higher) will not work for free. 

The remaining links are actually the results of the "organic" search. Depending on how your site is suitable for a search query, it will either be returned or not. And if it does, then the position will depend on the quality of the site and on how much it corresponds to the particular request entered (this is called "relevance"). 

Internal optimization

In order to match the site with as many necessary requests as possible, its internal SEO-optimization is done. To do this, you need to place as many pages with texts on the site as possible, in which queries of interest to you will participate. 

For the promotion to be effective, you need to write good texts and create pages in accordance with the correct structure. In addition, you need to write hidden parameters on each page (they are called meta tags) that will help Yandex or Google recognize this page as “suitable”. 

External promotion

The position of a site is affected not only by its internal properties. For a search engine, it's important how your site looks in the background. In particular, if there are links to it from other sites, this is regarded as a good indicator. 

Therefore, when promoting a site, they usually buy links to it from other sites. This can't be done rashly, because Yandex and Google can ban your site for an uncontrolled purchase of links (apply a filter that lowers the site in the search results). 

The art of an SEO specialist, in particular, is the ability to find balance and buy high-quality links from good sites. 

Of course, this is only a general and short description. It gives the first idea of __SEO and what site promotion in Yandex and Google is. 

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